11 Series

The 11 Series offers a nearly indefinite amount of options. The 11′, lightweight, insulated fiberglass body has the capability of holding oven, refrigerator, freezer and ambient compartments available for any large, diverse food and beverage operation.

Your 11 Series maintains proper food temperature, delivers kitchen-fresh quality, allows for large orders, enhances your company image, and extends your advertising dollar by billboarding your company’s business and the services you offer.


  • Thermostatically-Controlled
    • Oven to 180º F
    • Refrigerator to 20º F
    • Freezer to -20º F
  • Interiors built to meet your specifications
  • Inexpensive operation cost, low maintenance, and no additional fuel sources needed
  • Side compartment, pass-through doors enhance accessibility to your products
  • Interior and exterior lighting

Custom Options

  • Customized shelving
  • Stainless steel and aluminum drawers for easy access and product display
  • Heavy duty stainless handles with uniform keyed locks
  • Electric standby
  • Customized graphic package
  • Freezer package

Standard Specifications

Dimensions : 124”(l) x 92”(w) x 40”(h) – 263 Cubic Feet
Heating is provided by a ceiling mounted blower coupled with a series of integrated coils that originate from the vehicles existing cooling system
Cooling source – Over the road mechanical refrigeration w/dual fan evaporator
115/220 VAC standby for pre-cooling and holdover (optional)
Marine type shore power plug with 50’ power cord for optional standby
Stainless steel interior sheathing with 2 drains for defrosting and cleaning

Standard Layout Diagram

11 seriesClick to Enlarge