Vehicle Inserts

The DCi Insert Series is designed to make the delivery of small orders more economical. Manufactured with stainless steel convection holding oven technology, Insert Series solutions for your business can maintain a constant temperature up to 180° F for your delivery.

Whether you are looking to deliver fresh from the oven quality or you simply want to avoid the use of delivery bags or open flames, the Insert Series is the ideal solution for deliveries from pizza to hot meals. Insert Series solutions install easily into most domestic pick-up trucks, cars, and vans.

DCi has helped businesses of all sizes increase revenues, expand their customer base, extend advertising dollars, and affordably deliver kitchen fresh quality for over 25 years. All of our solutions are fully customizable.

Solutions for Food Transport Including:
Child & Senior Nutrition
Supermarket to Home Delivery
Pizza Delivery
Private Companies

Increase Efficiency and Quality
Enter or expand operations into new markets or more efficiently serve existing markets by consolidating food product, equipment, and personnel in a single temperature controlled vehicle with the Insert Series by DCi. As with any DCi food transport solution, the Insert Series allows you to reach more customers, reduce labor costs, and deliver kitchen fresh quality while increasing profits.

Technology and Safety
By using your vehicle’s existing cooling system, the Insert Series’ convection holding oven technology requires no additional fuel sources, so there is never any need for dangerous propane gas or open flames. You will also eliminate the potential contamination hazards of food deliver bags.

DCi Insert Series solutions meet the Board of Health’s temperature requirements, are weather resistant, and extremely durable. We work with you in designing the perfect vehicle insert for your business to limit food handling and to ensure food temperatures are always maintained for the highest safety.

Always Affordable and Customizable
The Insert Series is designed to offer you the very best in DCi’s temperature controlled food delivery technology, while providing you an affordable food transport solution to meet your business’s exact needs. Along with being compatible with most any vehicle, inserts are available in various sizes, and can be configured with oven dividers and catering rails. An adjustable digital thermostat is available for your Insert Series solution to give you control over the exact temperatures your delivery demands.

Extend Your Advertising Dollars
We believe exponential value can be delivered by our vehicle graphics packages customized for your brand. From attractive graphics and lettering to full vehicle wraps, graphics packages increase awareness of your program as deliveries are made, maximizing the return on your investment as your vehicle serves as a “rolling billboard.” If mobile advertising is part of your business strategy, please do not hesitate to speak with us regarding our custom graphics package, in addition to your temperature controlled vehicle insert.

Vehicle inserts making small deliveries more economical.
Easy installation into almost any vehicle.
Stainless steel convection holding oven technology.
Lightweight insulated fiberglass.
Oven dividers and catering rails available for secure transport.
Mobile billboarding with custom graphics package.
Adjustable digital thermostat.

Insert Series by DCi:
-Preserve the quality of food and other perishable goods in transit.
-Expand your existing delivery areas.
-Thermostatically control hot deliveries up to 180° F.
-Custom configurations to meet your exact business needs.
-Enhance your company image and maximize ROI with mobile advertising.
-Inexpensive to operate, low maintenance, and require no additional fuel source.
-24 month unlimited warranty comes standard on all Insert Series solutions.
-Always keep hot items hot.
-Allow businesses to increase customers without adding drivers.