5 Pros Of Purchasing A High-End Food Truck

You are finally doing it. You are finally browsing food trucks for sale! This means your dream of entering the food truck industry is likely around the corner.

With that in mind, we want to help you out during this search. Therefore, we highly recommend you going with a high-end food truck. One might be wondering why they would buy a high-end food truck when they could simply find the best deal out there and save some dough in the process.

To those people: You absolutely want a high-end food truck, and the reasons why can be found below.

5 Pros Of Purchasing A High-End Food Truck

  • It’s Reliable, And Warranties Are Likely Brought Into The Mix
  • Scaring Your Customers Off With Appearances Should Never Happen
  • It Will Be Harder To Lose Passion For Your Job
  • It Will Likely Save You Money In The Long Run
  • Your Food Truck Will Literally Be A Dream Come True


It’s Reliable, And Warranties Are Likely Brought Into The Mix

High-end food trucks tend to be reliable. Plus, warranties are likely brought into the mix. This is very, very important.

After all, if your food truck is not reliable (yes, including all of your equipment), then anything could break down at any given minute. Try to explain that one to your customers if it happens during a busy time, such as the summer, or on a Friday night.

Now, if you bought a cheap food truck that isn’t reliable and you don’t have warranties in place, then you are going to have to pay out of pocket for the damages. If you don’t, then you can’t operate your business. It’s really that simple.

Scaring Your Customers Off With Appearances Should Never Happen

While everyone loves food, no one wants to eat from a place that looks like it specializes in garbage. Your customers should come to your food truck — and eat at it — with confidence, knowing that they aren’t going to get sick. In fact, that shouldn’t even cross one’s mind!

However, if you have a cheap food truck that looks sketchy, then you might scare off potential customers. Trust us, scaring your customers off because of the look of your truck should never happen!

Whether you like to believe it or not, first impressions are huge in the food truck industry, so your truck better look nice. Not only that, but it is very tough to retain customers in this industry for the simple fact that not everyone eats out for three meals a day. Not to mention, there are an overwhelming amount of options. Don’t give your customers a reason not to come to your truck.

Invest in a high-end food truck, because you can rest assured that it will look established, and it also won’t scare your customers away.

It Will Be Harder To Lose Passion For Your Job

Would you rather drive a sports car/a car that runs extremely well, or a car that looks like it has seen much better days? We hope everyone says the car that runs extremely well.

Here’s the deal: It will be harder to lose passion for your job if you are working at a truck that is filled with everything you could ever ask for — and need. This is your office we are talking about.

If you have a bad office chair, desk or bad working equipment in general, then you will likely lose passion for your job. The same thing goes for the food truck industry.

If you have flawless cooking equipment that gets the job more than done, and if your truck looks amazing, it will be much easier to manage those 10-hour workdays.

Now, just imagine working 70-plus hours a week at a mobile kitchen that looks like it is about to break down… What do you think that will do to your passion?

It Will Likely Save You Money In The Long Run

Buying a high-end food truck could actually save you money in the long run. We understand that paying $35,000 or less initially is tempting, but what happens if (when) your truck breaks down?

For starters, it costs a lot of money to fix whatever is broken. Next up, you will lose money every single day your lunch truck is in the shop. Before you know it, you are well over that 70,000-dollar mark you wanted to avoid. This is when you’ll be wishing you would have gone with the high-end food truck to begin with.

This is your business, and you do not want to play around with it, or take shortcuts in places where you shouldn’t be taking shortcuts. Be smart in this investment, and always remember that a food truck business (even a $70,000 one) is still likely cheaper than a sit-down restaurant.

Your Food Truck Will Literally Be A Dream Come True

You’ve been dreaming about owning a food truck business for a long time now. If you actually purchase a high-end truck, your business will literally be a dream come true!

Just imagine having a food truck like the one below.

Wouldn’t that excite you to come to work every day? Wouldn’t that truck pump you up to make delicious food in your amazing kitchen?

We promise you the opposite will ring true if you have a cheap truck that constantly has problems. That not the dream you envisioned, is it?

Your worries should revolve around attracting customers, selling product and making enough money to survive and thrive in this industry. You shouldn’t be worrying about your truck and equipment breaking down, or not running properly. Do yourself a favor by skipping cheap food trucks altogether.

High-end mobile kitchens are the way to go!

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This article was originally published by Prestige Food Trucks, a Delivery Concepts company.