Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the temperature ranges for oven and refrigeration compartments?

    Holding oven temperatures are thermostatically controlled from 140°F (60°C) to temperatures in excess of 180°F (82.22°C). Refrigeration temperatures from 34°F (1.111°C)to 40°F (4.444°C) and Freezer temperatures from 20°F (-6.667°C)to -15°F (-26.11°C).

  • Am I limited to compartment sizes both hot and cold in my conversion?

    You are only limited to body size on our Body Series models, but not compartment sizes. You may have more oven or more refrigerator space, according to your specific requirements. We customize interiors for many of our customers.

  • What kind of shelving is available to transport my food products and what kind of flexibility do you provide if I have unique packaging needs?

    There are several shelving options available to accommodate standard food industry pans and containers as well as custom shelving to accommodate any specific shelving needs that are unique to your operation.

  • What if I have a need to transport both heated and refrigerated cargo as well as frozen product in my operation?

    We can provide hot, cold and frozen compartments in most of our conversion bodies.

  • Do I have a choice of chassis for my conversion?

    Yes, in most cases, chassis are available in most makes and models with customer preference for options. Specific chassis options depend on conversion type and intended use.

  • Does Delivery Concepts provide both my chassis and my conversion?

    Yes, you may select from our dealer stocked inventory or you may purchase a vehicle from your local dealer and have the vehicle drop shipped to our facility for conversion.

  • Does Delivery Concepts provide graphics for my vehicle?

    Yes, we provide custom graphic packages from your input as we are a turn-key facility and the vehicle will be ready for service upon delivery.

  • How long is the warranty on my new vehicle?

    The vehicle is covered by the original equipment manufacturer's warranty, while the body conversion carries a two year/ 24,000 mile warranty. Extended warranties are available at additional cost.

  • How do I get service for my vehicle?

    You can find authorized service centers in your area or contact us at 800.654.1857, and a Delivery Concepts representative will assist you in finding one.

  • How do I order my new vehicle?

    Contact [email protected] or call 800.654.1857 to speak with a sales representative or submit a message via the online contact form.

  • What types of financing are available for my new food transport vehicle?

    There are several conventional financing options (Ford Motor Credit, GMAC, Chrysler Credit) available including leasing (GE Capital).