Bringing People Together: Why Food Catering Trucks and Fundraising Are a Match Made in Heaven

“Tacos for two!”

“Nope, make that two hundred!”

No matter the quantity, food trucks are at your service. Food trucks provide event planners with an easy, fun way to keep guests entertained while dishing out a variety of delicious treats and mouth-watering meals.

We all love food and we all love contributing in a positive way to our communities. In fact, through one act of kindness towards our communities, we lower our stress levels and risk for heart disease.

So, what’s not to love about volunteering your time, money, and effort in return for a delicious meal to help stay energized?

Read on to learn more reasons why food catering trucks and fundraising events are a match made in Heaven.

Benefits of Food Catering Trucks at Fundraising Events

Food trucks simplify planning fundraiser events. Explore the following benefits of using food catering trucks for your next fundraising event.

1. No Hassle

Planning a fundraising event is tough work. You’re charged with securing the venue, inviting guests, and planning the agenda. On top of these responsibilities, you’re also tasked with catering and making sure everyone has a great time.

Food catering trucks eliminate the hassle of setting up food stations, storing food, and hiring wait staff. All of these components are taken care of by the folks running the food catering trucks with little to no hassle. This leaves you more time to focus on your fundraising event instead of worrying about the menu and wondering if the food is going to get cold.

Since everything is stored in a set location within the food catering truck, you free up more space in your venue for things like silent auctions, dancing, and seating. This results in more guests, more fun, and hopefully, more revenue!

2. Mobile

Another great benefit of food catering trucks is that they’re mobile! Think of them as mobile kitchens able to provide fresh food on the spot.

This allows you to select a venue of your choosing. Food catering trucks can simply park outside and feed guests at their leisure. This eliminates the all too familiar hungry groans from guests who are ready to eat but know they have to wait for catering staff to deliver.

3. Lower Cost

Food catering trucks are a low-cost option simply because it eliminates the need for fine dining ware, waitstaff, and catering supplies such as warmers. This allows you to focus your fundraising efforts on raising money rather than balancing your budget.

An agreement with a food catering truck to donate 10 to 25% of their profits to your organization will also help to generate more revenue in addition to other fundraising activities planned for the big day. It’s also possible to rely solely on food catering trucks’ donations to raise funds for the cause as long as the event is well-advertised.

4. More Menu Options

We’ve all been to an event that only serves one to two main courses. Sometimes the options are great and sometimes they simply don’t satisfy our taste buds.

With food catering trucks at your next fundraising event, you simply don’t need to worry about this concern. You can hire a variety of food trucks and hand-select all of the menu options available. Since each food truck has its own unique menu, it allows guests more options to choose from based on their favorite foods.

Ready to Hire Food Catering Trucks for Your Fundraiser?

Everyone loves food and everyone loves great food catering trucks. The best part is you’ll get to try out all the delicious menu options before the guests even arrive!

If you’d like to get in on the food catering truck action, then read our blog post outlining things to consider when starting your food truck journey.