Cafe Equipment You Should Consider for a Mobile Coffee Shop

photo of a small espresso machine brewing espresso coffee into two small white cups in a coffee shop

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So you’re thinking of owning your own mobile coffee shop…Great! The mobile food business is a $2 billion a year industry so getting involved is a smart move. 

But do you know what cafe equipment you will choose for this business adventure?

Here’s a coffee shop equipment list that will make your decisions easy as pouring a cup of joe. Let’s get started!

Cafe Equipment You Need For Your Mobile Coffee Shop

This is the essential list you will need to get things rolling.

1. Transportation 

The whole mobile thing doesn’t work without wheels. Consider a truck with the capacity to hold all of the equipment that you will need and have room for you to work in. 

Ask yourself what you want out of your business. What do you think the volume of customers will be? Are you going to do this full time? These questions will help you decide on a model that is right for you. 

2. Commercial Espresso Machine

This is the key to your business success! Unfortunately they are not cheap. The average entry level commercial espresso machine runs around $3,000, and if you want one with more bells and whistles you’ll find yourself paying more than that.

You can find less expensive or used models, but consider the quality and the output of newer technology and better brands. 

The higher quality machines will allow you to make multiple drinks at one time, and with running a mobile operation, there will be times that you need to serve up drinks as quickly as possible. 

3. Water Filtration System

Great coffee needs great water to start. If you think about it, coffee is mostly water so using poor quality water will yield poor quality coffee. 

Most coffee enthusiasts and shop owners agree that reverse osmosis water gives the best results. 

Other trends, like the use of alkaline water, are gaining popularity as well. 

4. Commercial Coffee Grinder

Unless you plan on painstakingly grinding all of the beans by hand… you are going to need a commercial-grade bean grinder.  

If your beans are ground poorly, even an expensive machine won’t help the brew. 

You can choose between manual or automatic versions, depending on your preference. Both options will generally give you the choice of grind texture from coarse to french press to espresso. 

5. Refrigeration

Some people like it hot; some like it cold. Beverages like cold brew coffee and teas are a hot trend right now.

You may also be considering carrying other drinks like sodas or juices, or having smalls snacks as well. 

Since you will be mobile, consider how much refrigeration storage you will need. This will allow you to store your refrigerated items with ease while you maintain mobility. 

The Final Cup

Mobile coffee shops are gaining popularity. These cafe equipment essentials will help you get things started the right way. So, finish your last sip of java and get started today!

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