Debunking Myths About the Food Truck Industry

black and white photo of a burrito and taco food truck at night

In 2018, the food truck industry was worth over $2 billion dollars and was growing at a rate of close to 5%. 

If you were thinking about getting into the food truck industry, you’re not alone.

Starting a food truck service isn’t what you think though. We debunk the theories about the industry one myth at a time.

Myth #1: Food Trucks Are Worse than Restaurants for the Environment

Restaurant owners may have started this myth, but they claimed that food trucks caused more pollution and traffic. However, most food trucks spend much more of their time parked in a parking lot than driving around.

Food trucks also have a much smaller physical footprint than restaurants with permanent locations, so there is less power needed to keep them going. They also don’t have to waste energy on heating or cooling a large eating area for customers. Some trucks even run off of the vegetable oil that they create from their business! This cuts down the cost for fuel for them as well as carbon emissions.

Myth #2: They Can Park Anywhere

Food trucks cannot park anywhere; they are governed by laws and ordinances. If they park illegally, they will most likely get a ticket for it.

Depending on where you are trying to start your business, you should check with your city’s food truck laws. Food truck parking can become really competitive. Sometimes the amount of time you can park in a given spot is limited as well. 

You also have to be strategic with where you park your food truck. Some cities or states will say that you have to park within a few hundred feet of a bathroom. 

Myth #3: Food Trucks Don’t Have to Pay Rent

No, food trucks don’t have to pay rent. However, they have to pay for things that can be just as expensive as rent, such as: 

  • Permits
  • Licenses
  • Gasoline/fuel
  • The truck
  • Truck maintenance
  • Taxes

Some food trucks even rent out a different commercial kitchen so they can store ingredients and prepare some of the food before they roll out to their next destination. 

Myth #4: To Open A Food Truck You Need Investors

If you are thinking about starting a food truck business, people may have told you that you will need investors to start. 

However, only a small percentage of food trucks actually start this way. Most food trucks start out on their own money without other people to help them. So don’t let a lack of investors halt your process of starting a food truck business. 

Myth #5: Opening A Food Truck Is Easy

This is a very common misconception. Just because you won’t have to maintain a brick and mortar restaurant, doesn’t mean you don’t be doing any work.

You will spend a lot of time managing the business, and you will also have to be available for various food truck events.

However, in the end, it will definitely be worth it

Get Involved in the Food Truck Industry Today

The food truck industry can be rewarding to work in, especially if you are passionate about it.

The first thing you will need to start your business is an idea. Then you need a truck.

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