Helpful Food Truck Maintenance Tips

Photo by Eugene Chystiakov on Unsplash

The number of food trucks in the United States was nearly 6000 in 2018.

As the popularity of food trucks continues to rise, you may find yourself eager to enter the fray. Food trucks are a trendy way to peddle your wares in a fun, fresh environment.

But as with any vehicle, food truck maintenance is a critical element to the success of your business. If you are thinking about buying a food truck, check out these five maintenance necessities before you commit to a mobile restaurant.

Truck Maintenance Is a Necessity

New food truck owners may be in for a bit of a shock if they don’t review this truck maintenance checklist. A food truck is a vehicle, and a smoothly running vehicle requires regular maintenance. Our top five maintenance tips are just a taste of some of the care required for food trucks.

1. Maintain Fluid Levels

From oil to windshield fluid, keeping an eye on the fluid levels of your food truck is just as crucial as it is with a car you regularly drive. A good rule of thumb is to change the oil every 6 months. This ensures that the engine and interior of the food truck will run smoothly.

Don’t forget your washer fluid, either. There’s nothing quite as annoying or dangerous as dealing with a dirty windshield.

2. Rotate the Tires

It’s fun to focus on your menu or adding new seasonal favorites; what is not fun is a blown tire. Food trucks easily rack up miles. It’s important to maintain the tires on your vehicle, especially a heavy-duty one like a food truck.

Keep an eye on the treads on your food truck tires. Visit a professional to have your tires rotated at least annually.

3. Prepare for Health Inspection

Physically maintaining a food truck is one thing. To continue operating your business, you need to ensure health codes for your truck are being followed.

Take steps to get to know your local health code requirements. Enforce these regulations within your truck so you are always ready for a health inspection.

4. Examine Your Kitchen

Keeping your food truck running is just part of the ways you’ll stay in business. You also need to keep your kitchen in perfect working order.

If your fryers or grill stops working, you will be in a tight spot. Take a look at the equipment in your mobile kitchen every few months to ensure everything is in good working order.

5. Check Your Computers

Whether you have a built-in GPS or a sophisticated point of sale system, give every computerized part of your food truck a good look every few months. 

The modern world is reliant on computer systems, food trucks included. Don’t neglect this crucial part of your business.

Take Care of Your Truck

There’s a lot to food truck maintenance. 

You must pay attention to the mechanical workings of the truck as well as the interior aspects, such as your kitchen and register system. 

Food trucks take hard work and determination, but that determination will pay off. If you’re ready to take the next step in owning a food truck, contact us today for more information.