Strategies To Enter The Food Truck Industry

Whether you own multiple restaurants or are trying to open your first food location, there are many things you have to “check off” before you can become a mobile kitchen owner. Of course, some people’s paths are different from others.

We will be highlighting eight strategies that need to take place before you can enter this industry with your own mobile kitchen, and they can be found below.

Strategies To Enter The Food Truck Industry

  • Research Everything
  • Perfect Your Business Plan
  • Map Out All Of The Ways You Can Make Money
  • Gather Your Dream Team
  • Figure Out Where Your Truck Can Thrive
  • Create A New Menu (If You Have To)
  • Secure Financing (Once Again, If You Have To)
  • Find A Builder


Research Everything

While this is vague, it’s still essential. A food truck business is different than a sit-down restaurant, so while you might consider yourself an expert in the food industry, you have to do your research on the food truck industry.

Things like permits/regulations, food truck events, food truck maintenance and so many other ingredients need to be included in your research.

The more research you do now, the less you will have to do later, not to mention the more prepared you will be once you open a food truck.

Perfect Your Business Plan

This is needed so you look professional to possible investors, and it’s also needed so you have a solid plan in place for your food truck business.

Without a business plan, you will be lost. It’s not only for investors and to make your business look more professional, though — it’s also important so you know what your goals are and if they are actually attainable (among so many other things).

So, take some time now to perfect your business plan, and don’t take any shortcuts in this department.

Map Out All Of The Ways You Can Make Money

The obvious way is to travel from one place to the next and sell food on a normal basis. However, you can also offer a catering service, sell food in bulk, enter food truck events, etc.

While you’re going to learn plenty on the job and get a feel for this industry after you’re open, now would be a great time to see how other food truck owners are gaining streams of income so you can try to incorporate your own strategies of making more money right away.

Gather Your Dream Team

Every successful business needs a dream team, and for the food truck industry, this might be a manager and a handful of employees (it just depends on how many people you can afford to pay, how many hours you plan on staying open, how big your food truck is, how many food trucks you plan on operating, etc.).

If you already have multiple restaurants open, then you might already have a team in mind. If not, then search for the right people for the job in hopes of having a well-rounded business from the start.

Figure Out Where Your Truck Can Thrive

One of the beauties of a food truck business is you don’t have to look for one perfect location and then set up shop — forever — there. With a mobile kitchen, you can park at many different locations. But you need to find those locations first.

Where would your food truck business thrive? If you plan on only serving healthy options, then parking outside of business districts and fitness centers might be your go-to strategy. Regardless, your business is mobile and you can travel to many different locations as a result.

Figure out where your food truck can thrive, even if it means relocating.

Create A New Menu (If You Have To)

If you own a restaurant, then you likely already have a menu in mind. If you don’t, then now is the time to get in the kitchen, do some experimenting and create your menu. With that in mind, it’s important to remember that the food truck industry is known for its unique dishes and food-fusion ways, which means it’s encouraged to add your own unique twists to typical meals.

You are the chef, though, so this step is 100 percent up to you — and it should also be the fun part.

Whether you go with a smaller or larger menu, these are the types of things you can figure out right now.

Secure Financing (Once Again, If You Have To)

If you have a fleet of food trucks, multiple sit-down restaurants or are a restaurant franchise owner, then you might already have the money department covered. If not, then how do you plan on purchasing a food truck?

Find A Builder

Finding the right builder is one of the most important steps in the process. After all, the food truck is the foundation of your business. If you go with a company like Delivery Concepts, then you will get a customized food truck that not only fits all of your needs but is also of the highest quality.

While there are many things one must do to enter the food truck industry, we hope the strategies above can help you enter this industry in the near future. Everyone’s journey might be different, but the ingredients above likely need to be incorporated at some point during the food truck process.

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This article was originally published by Prestige Food Trucks, a Delivery Concepts company.