Mobile Kitchen

If you are ready to take your menu on the town, the Mobile Cuisine Series by DCi is able to deliver the custom-designed mobile kitchen that will make you the talk of the town. Expand your market and increase your visibility in the highly competitive restaurant industry with a mobile kitchen by DCi.

Whether you are preparing tacos, making Philly cheese steak sandwiches, or grilling vegetables, the Mobile Cuisine Series by DCi is the solution for you. With mobile kitchen environments up to 24+ feet in length, limitless equipment options from grills and deep fryers to ovens, walk-in refrigerators, and stainless steel countertops, we want you to feel confident that you are preparing your cuisine in a well thought out and meticulous restaurant-style kitchen.

With the Mobile Kitchen Series you are able to prepare any cuisine on location, while preserving the quality of food and fresh ingredients while you are in transit with our temperature controlled holding ovens and refrigerators. The Mobile Kitchen Series is completely custom-configured to meet your exact business needs. Also, your mobile kitchen will “billboard” your business, as your advertising dollars will be extended with our custom graphics package.

With temperature controlled truck bodies ranging from 6 ft. to 24+ ft. in length, insulated vehicle conversions, and customized oven and refrigerated inserts, DCi has helped businesses of all sizes increase revenues, expand their customer base, extend advertising dollars, and affordably deliver kitchen fresh quality for over 25 years.

Prepare the Following:
Vegan Fare
Ice Cream / Desserts
and more . . .

Reduce Start Up Costs and Increase Margins
As start up costs and profit margins can prevent many from entering or expanding into the restaurant industry with a bricks and mortar location, the food truck business can be an enticing alternative. Start up cost can be considerably less in the food truck industry, while profit margins can be considerably higher. By consolidating food product, equipment, and personnel in a mobile kitchen, you will reach more customers, reduce labor costs, and always deliver kitchen fresh quality while increasing profits.

Technology and Safety
Our stainless steel convection holding oven technology and mechanical refrigeration require no additional fuel sources, so there is never any need for dangerous propane gas or open flames as you travel to and from multiple vending sites. Also, proper food temperatures are always maintained.

Always Customizable
Mobile Kitchen Series interiors are always custom configured. Also, any combination of hot, cold, frozen, and/or ambient storage is available to maintain proper temperatures as you travel, and our made to order shelving is available to optimize your mobile kitchen’s organization and layout.

Extend Your Advertising Dollars
The Mobile Cuisine Series by DCi has limitless potential to enhance your image. Aside from the unique and professional appearance of your mobile kitchen, we can deliver exponential value through our graphics packages customized for your brand. From attractive graphics and lettering to full vehicle wraps, graphics packages increase awareness of your program as deliveries are made, maximizing the return on your investment as your vehicle serves as a “rolling billboard.” Graphics are easily applied to our fiberglass bodies and allow you to promote quality on the outside, while you prepare quality on the inside.

Mobile kitchen environments up to 24+ ft. in length.
Limitless equipment options from deep fryers and ovens to walk-in refrigerators.
Any combination of hot, cold, frozen, and/or ambient storage available.
Customized doors, windows, and interior/exterior lighting.
Made to order shelving.
Stainless steel countertops.
Back-up alarm.
Mobile advertising with custom graphics package.

Mobile Kitchen Solutions by DCi:
-On-premise food preparation of any kind.
-Deliver affordable entry or expansion into the food truck industry.
-Preserve the quality of food and fresh ingredients while in transit.
-Thermostatically control hot, refrigerated, frozen, and ambient compartments.
-Custom configurations to meet your exact business needs.
-Enhance your image and maximize ROI with mobile billboarding.
-24 month unlimited warranty comes standard on all DCi vehicles.