Whether you are a large-scale full-service caterer or you are delivering boxed lunches to private schools, DCi has the perfect catering vehicle for your business. All catering bodies are fully customizable and offer the very best in temperature controlled food transport. All from an in-cab control unit.

With temperature controlled truck bodies ranging from 6 ft. to 24+ ft. in length, insulated vehicle conversions, and customized vehicle inserts, we have helped businesses catering at all levels increase revenues, expand their customer base, extend advertising dollars, and affordably deliver kitchen fresh quality for over 25 years.

Solutions for Caterers Including:
Private Companies
Corporate Franchises
Small Businesses
Off and On-Premise Catering

Increase Efficiency and Quality
From corporate events catering to birthday parties and weddings, our line of temperature controlled catering solutions will allow you to deliver increased catering efficiency. By consolidating food product, equipment, and personnel in a single temperature controlled vehicle, you will reach more customers, reduce labor costs, and always deliver kitchen fresh quality while increasing profits.

Technology and Safety
Our stainless steel convection holding oven technology and mechanical refrigeration require no additional fuel sources, so there is never any need for dangerous propane gas or open flames. Also, the amount of food handling during catering events is decreased, and proper food temperatures are always maintained even when events start past the scheduled time.

Always Affordable and Customizable
DCi offers a full line of affordable and customizable solutions. Our Insert Series consists of ovens, refrigerators, and freezers that easily install into almost every make of car, truck and van. Our temperature controlled truck bodies begin at 6 ft. in length (6 series), extending to 24+ ft. in length (12+ Series), and are compatible with your choice of truck foreign or domestic. We also offer our Insulated Vehicle Conversion (IVC) line, delivering custom insulated cargo spaces from box trucks to vans and utility transit vehicles.

Interiors can be configured in any combination of hot, cold, frozen, and/or ambient storage, and custom racking will optimize your holding compartments. Sheet pan, hotel pan, stainless flat racks and baskets are all available.

Extend Your Advertising Dollars
Every temperature controlled delivery vehicle we customize has limitless potential to enhance your image. Aside from the unique and professional appearance of the vehicles, we can deliver exponential value through our graphics packages customized for your brand. From attractive graphics and lettering to full vehicle wraps, graphics packages increase awareness of your program as deliveries are made, maximizing the return on your investment as your vehicle serves as a “rolling billboard.” Graphics are easily applied to our fiberglass bodies and allow you to promote quality on the outside, while you deliver quality on the inside.

Temperature controlled truck bodies from 6 ft. to 24+ ft. in length.
Any combination of hot, cold, frozen, and/or ambient storage available.
Multiple doors and interior/exterior lighting for ease of use.
Temperature controlled vehicle inserts making small deliveries more economical.
Sheet pan, hotel pan, stainless flat racks and baskets, or custom racks for your proprietary packaging are available.
Full or partial stainless interiors.
Mobile advertising with custom graphics package.

Temperature Controlled Catering Solutions by DCi:
-Preserve the quality of your food, while expanding your delivery area.
-Thermostatically control hot, refrigerated, frozen, and ambient compartments.
-Custom configurations to meet your exact business needs enhance operational efficiencies.
-Enhance your image in your marketplace and maximize ROI with mobile billboarding.
-24 month unlimited warranty comes standard on all DCi vehicles.
-Always keep hot items hot and cold items cold.
-Allow you to increase customers without adding drivers.