5 Businesses That Need a Temperature-Controlled Vehicle

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The most important part about delivery for any business is making sure that the goods reach the customer in perfect condition. However, you won’t be able to do this without the right vehicles for your transport.

Now might be the time to invest in the appropriate type of transportation if your business depends heavily on fresh delivers.

It may be beneficial for you to buy a refrigerated van. But how do you know if this should be a requirement for your company?

Keep reading to check out this list of businesses that definitely need to invest in a temperature controlled vehicle.

1. Catering Companies

If you own a catering company or if you are a caterer then you should buy a temperature controlled vehicle for a few important reasons. Firstly, you want your food to be delivered as warm or cold as it was when you first made it, to preserve the taste.

You can also save time by already having the food at specific temperatures. A temperature controlled van will also help to keep your cooked food in tasty condition for longer drives.

2. Meal Program Coordinators

Like caterers, meal programs need to deliver fresh meals to multiple places- sometimes in one day. You’ll get peace of mind from knowing that all the food is kept at temperatures that keep the meals preserved throughout all your good service and many deliveries.

3. Florists

This business may not be the first one you would think of that is in need of a temperature controlled vehicle. However, many florists could really benefit from this type of van.

Keeping flowers at the perfect temperature helps them to maintain freshness and prevents wilting. A refrigerated van can help you keep your flowers in shape until they reach the flower shop.

4. Butchers

Restaurants and food stores get deliveries on a daily basis. And, again, there are rules and regulations on delivering food that is appropriate for human consumption. This is especially important when transporting raw meats.

These meats have to remain at temperatures that support acceptable hygienic conditions. You can avoid the growth of harmful microorganisms and contamination by delivering your raw foods in a temperature controlled vehicle.

5. Frozen Treats and Beverages

Frozen treats and beverages, such as ice cream, are a delight for everyone. But no one wants to buy melted desserts. This may be a no-brainer that you definitely should be investing in a temperature controlled vehicle if you’re driving around delivering frozen edibles and/or beverages.

There are also regulations on particular food groups, such as dairy. So this is a precaution to take to make sure you are in good standing with all regulations.

Does Your Business Need a Temperature Controlled Vehicle?

It’s very important that you take the right precautions when delivering temperature-sensitive goods.

You should be keeping foods, flowers, beverages and other perishables, at particular temperatures to ensure safe and fresh deliveries. All of this can be accomplished simply by using the right transportation vehicle.

If you have one of these listed businesses or another business that you think needs a temperature controlled vehicle, click here to receive a custom quote.