Beers on Wheels: Why You Should Take Your Brewery Business on the Road

close up photo of carved wooden beer tap handles on the side of a refrigerated beer truck

It’s no secret that food trucks are all the rage right now, but have you ever thought about how popular a beer truck would be?

If you own a brewery, this is the best thing you can do for your business. Purchasing a beer truck means you can bring your special craft brews to more people and have a lot of fun doing so. It’s the unique spin on the standard brewery experience your customers will absolutely love.

Plus, this can offer a lot of benefits for your bottom line.

Here are 3 of the main reasons why you need to create a mobile brewery.

1. Expands Your Brand’s Reach

No matter where your brewery is located, you can only do so much to make sales in your local area. Sure, you can explore the option of opening new locations in the future or expand your distribution efforts. Or, you can figure out how to bring a piece of your brewery to your target market!

This will expand your brand’s reach immeasurably. Having the means to drive to food festivals, city events, holiday celebrations, and annual gatherings gives you the chance to put your mark on any event near or far. It’s your opportunity to not just serve more beer, but create a bigger sense of brand awareness among beer enthusiasts.

2. Boosts Sales

Your brewery truck is going to give you the means to boost sales on the road and at home. When you start showing up at more and more events, people will take notice. Before you know it, you’ll be serving a huge line of customers from the truck and start to see a few more people coming into your brewery location, too.

3. Creates Personal, Memorable Interactions

At the end of the day, a brewery is about more than just beer.

No matter how good your brews are, it’s the experience you provide that keeps people coming back. Investing in a beer truck enhances the value you’re able to offer your customers. It creates a fun, memorable interaction whether they’re walking up to your beer truck at an outdoor market or grabbing a drink before a big concert.

Not to mention, it will definitely set you apart from other breweries in your area. It’s not every day that people see a “food truck” that focuses on just beer pull into an event. But when they do, they won’t soon forget it.

Find the Ideal Beer Truck for Your Business

It’s one thing to read about everything that a beer truck can do for your business and another to see the benefits unfold right before your eyes. However, you do have to make sure that the beer truck you buy is on-brand with your brewery.

It needs to be well-designed, fully-functional for your specific needs, and of course, cost-effective. Click here to get started in your search for the ideal beer truck!