Benefits Of Expanding With A Food Truck Business

There comes a time when a food business owner encounters the possibility of expansion, and that tends to be the case no matter what type of food business we’re talking about; from a sit-down restaurant to a food cart. Whether you own multiple restaurants or not (no matter what form they come in), you might be thinking about expanding in the form of another location. Before you decide to open up another sit-down restaurant, we encourage you to consider a food truck business. And we will be highlighting some of the benefits of expanding with a food truck business below.

Benefits Of Expanding With A Food Truck Business

  1. You don’t have to pick one perfect location
  2. This new journey should be cheaper
  3. You’ll gain a mobile billboard
  4. A food truck can be your experimenting machine
  5. You can add a catering service to the mix


1.) You Don’t Have To Pick One Perfect Location

One of the biggest challenges of opening another brick-and-mortar location is finding the right spot. With a food truck business, that will be less of an issue for the simple fact that you won’t have to pick one perfect location — your business is on wheels so you can travel to many different places and serve your food. This means you will be able to test out as many locations as you would like and increase your target audience as a result. If a location doesn’t lead to a lot of sales, then you can simply find a new one. Not only that but with a food truck business, you’ll likely be traveling to multiple locations on a weekly basis, so you can, of course, attract people in different areas.

2.) This New Journey Should Be Cheaper

One of the top reasons to expand with a food truck is the fact that this expansion option should be cheaper … even if you decide to go with a high-end food truck (which we highly recommend, for a food truck is the foundation of your business and you shouldn’t cut corners in this department). From startup to overhead costs, a food truck tends to be less money than a sit-down restaurant. No matter how great your sales are, saving money should be music to your ears.

3.) You’ll Gain A Mobile Billboard

As a result of your logo and name being right there on the food truck, you will, in theory, gain a mobile billboard once you open up a mobile kitchen. So not only are you advertising for your food truck but you’re also advertising for your restaurant locations. You’re also spreading brand awareness, and this is taking place whenever your food truck is visible.

The best part is this advertisement will be an ongoing process and it won’t cost you any money — well, technically you’ll have to pay for gas, but you’re traveling from one food truck location to the next. Over time, people will start recognizing your food truck, and they will likely start associating it with your restaurants as well.

4.) A Food Truck Can Be Your Experimenting Machine

It’s not always easy to experiment at a sit-down restaurant since the menus are bigger; however, menus tend to be smaller at food trucks and it’s also well-known that food trucks are unique when it comes to food fusion and twists on normal food items. Therefore, you can experiment with your meals at your food truck business before adding them to the menus at your sit-down restaurants. The best part is you’ll be making money off of these experiments.

5.) You Can Add A Catering Service To The Mix

Catering events will become that much easier — and more manageable — with a food truck. After all, you’ll have all of the equipment and food right there in your food truck that is mobile. Some food businesses might have to rent vehicles or hire an outside company to help with catering services, but that won’t be the case if you have a food truck since mobile kitchens were made for catering.

So, whether you just plan on adding on a catering service and making it easier to handle with a food truck, or you plan on solely using your food truck as a catering service, your catering business should receive a serious boost once you open up your very own mobile kitchen. While there are an endless amount of reasons why you should expand your restaurant business with a food truck, we believe the five above are some of the most important reasons.

We look forward to seeing you in the food truck industry in the near future!

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This article was originally published by Prestige Food Trucks, a Delivery Concepts company. 

Comments (4)

I love the idea of experimenting with new food ideas at a food truck before moving it over to the main restaurant’s menu. This could help so many restaurants test new ideas and seeing how people react to them. It can also allow them to have a more professional menu and style at the physical location while having a more fun and creative style with the food trailer.

I was planning to put up a burger truck business. I agree with your statement that by having this type of business, I will not be required to pick one perfect location. That’s why I am drawn to this kind of business, I just hope that a service that can help me rebuild my dad’s old delivery truck.

It’s nice that you talked about how a food truck tends to be less money than a sit-down restaurant. I was walking to work yesterday and I passed by some newly opened food trailers and trucks. It looked like a pretty nice kind of business, and I heard you could easily get custom food trailers nowadays too.

Thanks for sharing this blog. I like the concept of checking out new recipes in a food truck before adding them to the menu of the main restaurant. This might help a lot of eateries test out new concepts and measure customer response. 

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