Everything Your Craft Brewery Needs to Know About the Mobile Vending Truck Business

close up photo of 4 small beer glasses filled with beers of varying shades from light yellow to dark brown

Are you a craft brewery owner looking for ways to expand your distribution?

Having a mobile beer vending truck is a great way for you to boost sales while bringing your product to a larger market. Taking your hops on the road will give your craft brewery the chance to leverage mobile vending popularity as you grow your brand.

Read on to learn how a vending truck can help your craft brewery business!

Bring Your Beer to New People

There are 7,450 breweries in the USA. And of the $111 billion beer industry, craft breweries compose over $26 billion!

Although there’s a lot of opportunities to generate revenue in the craft beer industry, it can be a challenge to differentiate your product from the competition.

Adding a mobile beer truck allows you to bring your beer to new people. That’s because a vending truck can sell your product in a wide range of places, which gives new people the chance to taste your beer. Your mobile beer truck will give you access to places and events you might not otherwise serve at, like local festivals or private, catered parties.

Deliver Cold Beer On Demand

A mobile vending truck gives your craft brewery the ability to deliver cold beer on demand to the masses.

The truck’s temperature-controlled feature keeps your product stored at the optimal temperature before serving it to consumers.

You will be able to load multiple kegs into your mobile beer truck and hook them up to tap lines to deliver ice cold beer directly to a customer. 

You Won’t Sacrifice Quality

Craft brewery owners take pride in serving a unique product that is fresh and crisp for each beer enthusiast.

This dedication to quality may cause you concern about bottling your product and selling it through vendors outside of your tap room. 

When you use a mobile beer truck to serve your product, you can serve the same great product to customers directly from your brewery without sacrificing quality.

You will be able to load your freshest brews into the truck just before an event to ensure that someone is tasting only your best samples when they visit your truck!

Develop Strong Professional Relationships

Beyond the taste of your beer, your product will thrive based on the strength of the professional relationships you develop in the industry. 

Mobile beer trucks allow you to market your product through word of mouth and beyond, while putting it in the hands of a larger group of people. 

Instead of limiting your product only to who visits your brewery, you will get it in front of different groups of people in more places. This will help you grow your brand beyond the confines of your brick and mortar brewery.

Wrapping Up: Leverage The Popularity of a Vending Truck Business

Your craft brewery will benefit from selling your beer as a vending truck business because of the wider consumer base you will reach while remaining dedicated to the integrity of your final product.

At Delivery Concepts, Inc., we are your source for high-quality solutions for the food and beverage industry. Our mobile beer trucks offer a wide range of options for you to consider before you choose one to serve your craft beer.

Contact us to learn more about our products and how we can help you get your mobile brewery started!