Food Truck Appliances 101: A Handy Checklist

photo of a food truck interior with grill, griddle, ovens, proofing cabinet and sink

There are tons of food truck appliances out there to choose from. Wondering which ones you’ll need? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over how to kit out your truck for your new business.

Food Truck Appliances

Consider a range if you will need to boil, simmer, sauté, or pan-fry any food. A charbroiler is a handy appliance if you want to get those gorgeous grill marks on your protein and vegetables.

Some people buy a microwave so they can warm up side dishes fast or steam vegetables. Only get a griddle if you’re cooking burgers, eggs, or vegetables.

If you are going to sell sandwiches, consider buying a toaster. You can get the perfect texture on your bagels, bread, or English muffins.

One of the most popular items is a fryer. This is an essential appliance. You can cook items like onion rings, chicken tenders, and french fries to start, and then branch out and try more adventurous fried options as you get used to using it.

For any fryers, grills, and commercial ovens, you’ll need ventilation, like an exhaust hood with a fan. These get vented to the outdoors so you and your employees aren’t breathing in fumes. You’ll also want a sprinkler system for your stovetops in case of fire. 

Warming Equipment

If you want to keep your menu items warm for your customers, invest in holding equipment like a holding cabinet or countertop warmer. Holding cabinets will keep your food at a safe temperature, while countertop warmers are good for items like vegetables, pasta, or casseroles.

You could also look into getting a fry dump station. This will keep your fries warm after they’ve finished cooking in your fryer.

What About Food Prep Tools?

When setting up your food truck, you’ll need areas for storing and prep work. You won’t have a ton of space, so you’ll need to get creative. Think about what kind of food you will prepare.

You may need a separate area for preparing bulk food like pasta or soups. If you’re making individual portions, like fried food baskets, pizza or sandwiches, you’ll need more space.

Consider getting a stainless steel work table. You’ll use this a lot for when you’re prepping food.

Pick up cutting boards and knives. Don’t forget to get a food processor, thermometer, and a french fry cutter.

Refrigeration Equipment

You’ll most likely need have a fridge, and depending on what you plan to serve, you might also want a freezer or a drink cooler. These types of large appliances will be bolted in place to keep you and your employees safe.

Another good option is an under-counter refrigerator. These serve a dual purpose as food storage and another work surface.

If you sell a lot of salads or sandwiches, consider getting a prep table refrigerator. This way, you’ll have individual compartments dedicated to all the toppings, sauces, and condiments you need.

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We hope you found this guide on appliances helpful. Consider what you will be cooking and selling at your truck—this will help you pick out what food truck appliances you’ll need. And don’t forget to install and understand some of the safety equipment you’ll need for your truck.

If you want to start your business or need a food truck upgrade, contact us today.