How Do I Book a Spot at Summer Food Truck Festivals?

Photo of a woman waiting in front of a vintage blue and white food truck where a man is cooking crepes

Photo by Arturo Rey on Unsplash

Are you a food truck owner thinking of taking the plunge and participating in a food truck festival? If you are, the good news is there’s probably one taking place near you. The Food Truck Festivals of America has seen an explosion of food truck events with each passing year.

The bad news? It’s not always easy to secure a spot. With so many applicants clamoring to participate, the competition can be surprisingly fierce.

But there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of getting accepted. Here are some tips on booking a spot at food truck festivals.

Make Sure You’re a Match

The first step is to find a food truck festival that your brand and menu are a good fit for. If you have a burger and hotdog food truck, you don’t want to apply to vegan or vegetarian festivals.

You also need to consider whether the festival will help you turn a profit.

Many food truck festivals require that all truck vendors give a percentage of their sales in addition to the application fee. This may require you to raise the price of your menu items for the event. However, if you increase them too much, it could turn people off and negatively affect your brand.

When you come across a festival you may be a match for, read the application process carefully and do some number crunching to make sure it’s worth the invested time and money. Be aware that renting additional equipment and services at a festival can rack up additional fees. 

Apply for a Spot

Once you’ve found an event that seems like a good fit, you’ll have to submit an application once the organizers start accepting them.

This may require more than listing the name of your food business and menu items. Think of it like applying for a job — you’ll want to introduce them to your brand and provide a little history on it. Include links to your social media profiles and any positive press written about your food truck business.

You’ll also need to propose your menu for the event, focusing on dishes that can be prepared quickly and meet the festival’s criteria.

Follow the Rules

Once you’re accepted, you may need to secure the necessary business license and health permits and equip your truck with the proper fire extinguishers — you don’t want to have to deal with a fire.

Read over everything in the festival application carefully so you know exactly what you need before the event.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Make the outside and inside of your truck shine by cleaning and disinfecting it before the big day.

Remind employees to smile and greet every customer. This is an important opportunity to elevate your brand, so do what you can to make a great first impression.

Increase Your Chances of Getting Accepted at Food Truck Festivals

Participating in food truck festivals requires a little extra work on your part, but it can be a wonderful way to introduce new customers to your menu and brand.

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