How to Expand Your Supermarket with a Grocery Delivery Service

close-up photo of woman from elbows down carrying a grocery basket in a refrigerated foods aisle

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With over 1,500 stores using Instacart across 30 states, you need to get moving with a grocery delivery service at your supermarket! If you do not, then you will fall behind your competition.

You may ask, “Is a grocery delivery service profitable?”

According to consumer research, 10% of shoppers regularly buy their groceries online. From 2016 to 2018, online grocery sales doubled, and this number will only continue to grow.

This type of service provides convenience for your customers and expands the reach of your grocery aisles. So, how do you get started?

How to Start a Grocery Delivery Service

Launching this service requires a few things to make it successful. Begin your online grocery delivery service the right way with the following tips.


Before you do anything, research your consumers. What items and brands do they buy most? Then, learn what consumers around the country most often purchase using this type of service.

Also, scope out the items your competitors offer and the prices they charge. This information will help you determine which items you should offer through delivery.

Decide if you want to stick to practical items or if you want to go the extra mile and top your competitors by offering something unique. Figure out the smartest pricing strategy for your business as well.

Create New Positions

Implementing an online delivery service in your store requires you to expand your workforce. You do not want to slap these job titles onto just any cashier.

You now need responsible delivery drivers. To comply with state law, they must possess a driver’s license. You’ll want to check driving records and criminal records as well before sending people out to customer homes.

You may also want to add a special position for web management. You will want somebody tech savvy who can consistently update products and prices.

Check Your Insurance

What kind of insurance covers your store? Will it cover incidents off of the premises? You will need additional insurance to cover each of the delivery vehicles as well.

Call your insurance company to ask what other coverage you may need. Leaving yourself unprotected could cost you.

Invest in Reliable Vehicles

Your most valuable tool for this business expansion will be your grocery delivery vehicles. Any serious delivery business should not trust regular vehicles to make these deliveries.

In order to ensure food safety and customer satisfaction, you need a dedicated temperature-control vehicle to transport your goods. Will you be offering mainly refrigerated groceries for delivery? Consider a refrigerated van. If you will be delivering foods at a variety of temperatures—like heated, refrigerated and frozen—you’ll need a vehicle with multiple compartments.

Having speciality grocery delivery vehicles also allows you to use custom graphics to advertise your new services.

Deliver Your Best Service

Every day, you want to deliver your best service to all of your customers. An amazing way to do this is by offering the convenience of a grocery delivery service.

We want to supply you with quality vehicles that will drive your business home. Request a custom delivery vehicle quote today to get started.