6 Series WB

6-foot fiberglass body compatible with full-size pickup truck chassis. Frozen, refrigerated, heated, and multi-temperature upfit options.


      The 6 Series Wide Body features lightweight, insulated fiberglass bodies with frozen, refrigerated, heated and ambient compartment options, available in any combination. Models are available in 6-foot, 8-foot, and 11-foot lengths, making the Body Series a versatile temperature-controlled delivery solution for small businesses and large enterprises alike.

    • Thermostatically-controlled
    • Interiors built to meet your specifications
    • Inexpensive operation cost, low maintenance, and no additional fuel sources needed
    • Side compartment, pass-through doors enhance accessibility to your products
    • Interior and exterior lighting
    • Heating is provided by a ceiling-mounted blower system, coupled with a series of integrated coils, and stainless steel braided hoses, that originate from the vehicle’s existing cooling system
    • Cooling is provided by an over-the-road refrigeration system with an engine-mounted compressor, a skirt-mounted condenser, and dual 10” fan evaporators

      • Customized shelving
      • Auto and back-up alarm
      • 110 volt pre-heat system
      • Cab air equipment package
      • Heavy-duty chrome locking door handles
      • Customized graphic package
      • Freezer package

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