Why Your Pizza Restaurant Needs a Dedicated Delivery Vehicle

pizza written in neon letters

Photo by Rodolfo Clix from Pexels

It’s a Friday night; the phone is ringing off the hook. One number wants pizza for a girls’ night while another is trying to feed a birthday party of seventeen. And there are tons of orders, others just like that in the queue.

Despite your thriving pizza business, your delivery orders are backed up because you don’t have enough vehicles. Or maybe you’re starting a pizza restaurant, and you’re considering only doing carryout.

Here’s the truth: you need a dedicated delivery vehicle to help your business thrive. Here are a few reasons why!

Better Business Branding

All successful businesses have great branding and even better advertising. And you have to allow potential new customers to see your business to entice them into trying your pizza.

With a third-party delivery company or employees who use their own cars, you miss out on a ton of advertising while delivering your products.

When you choose to have dedicated pizza delivery vehicles, you can control how the car’s exterior or truck looks. So while other pizzas are on their way to their destination, you can drive by and advertise to potential customers.

Avoid Delivery Fees From Third-Parties

Right now, there are tons of apps offering deliveries for restaurants. Customers will order, a driver comes to pick up the food and then delivers it to the customer.

We’ve already discussed how this can be bad for branding, but it can also hurt your bottom line. These apps often charge fees to allow a restaurant to advertise on their platform.

When you first sign up, these third-party delivery apps seem like a great idea. But after a while, the fees can eat into your profits despite the convenience of not having to manage a fleet of delivery vehicles.

However, for many business owners, having your own fleet and receiving every penny from each sale is worth having to manage delivery vehicles.

More Reliability

Having your own vehicles for deliveries often means a more reliable service. With third-party apps, you’re trusting random people who signed up under a different company.

And if you allow employees to drive their own cars, you’re down a delivery vehicle if they don’t show up for work. Having your own pizza delivery vehicles means you’ll always have a way to get your customers their orders.

You can also better control how the pizza shows up. Heated vehicles can ensure your pizzas show up hot and fresh every single time. Having your own delivery vehicles is much more reliable than waiting on someone else.

Choose a Dedicated Pizza Delivery Vehicle for Your Restaurant

Have you ever missed out on business because you don’t offer delivery? Maybe you’ve gotten backed up on orders waiting for delivery drivers to return? Or maybe choosing third-party delivery companies has hurt your business.

If any of these are true for your pizza restaurant, then you should consider choosing a dedicated delivery vehicle. A dedicated delivery vehicle has many benefits, and you’ll see the difference in your bottom line.

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