Your New Food Truck: Options to Consider When Choosing Your Build

realistic 3d rendering of a white food truck parked on a city street with brick buildings and trees in the background

Maybe you are coming to the food truck industry with previous restaurant experience, or maybe you’re completely new to the food service industry. Either way, building a food truck will probably be a completely new experience for you. Be sure and consider all your options, including those below, when starting on your new food truck build.

The Quality of the Truck

Probably the most important thing you want to consider when it comes to your food truck build is the quality of your final product.

One thing you may have considered is buying a used truck, but going this route can get tricky. While used trucks tend to be cheaper, it’s important to understand the added risks (and expenses) associated with an older vehicle. Plus, you most likely won’t have warranties on the truck or appliances to guard against any problems you might encounter.

Deciding to go with a new truck from a reliable builder will address many of these potential problems. It allows you to have full control over the building process, plus all the customization options you will want or need.

Your food truck is the foundation of your business, so it’s important to make sure you purchase a quality truck.

The Size of the Truck

The size of the truck depends on how big of an operation you’re wanting to run. It might also come down to how much money you’re willing or able to spend. You may want a smaller vehicle to easily maneuver city streets, or you may want a huge food trailer so you can crank out as much food as possible.

Asking yourself some evaluative questions will help you determine what size truck you need. What are you trying to achieve with your mobile restaurant business? Do you plan to operate you food truck mainly as a mobile catering hub or a park and sell vehicle? How many employees do you need working at one time? What types of appliances do you need to make your food, and how big of a kitchen will you need to accommodate them?

Taking a good look at your goals and dreams for your food truck will help you answer these questions.

The Wrap

The graphics wrap will be one of your most important considerations when it comes to attracting customers. The wrap on your truck should ideally show off your brand, logo and business.

The outward appearance of your truck matters. Because customers will see two things—the food and the truck’s exterior—it’s important to make the design as attractive as possible. You can make the kitchen look as cool as you want, but customers will probably never see it. 

Your food truck is going to act like a mobile billboard. When your truck is out on the road or parked in a downtown hotspot, people will associate what they see with your food, which is why it’s so important.

Before you even get started on the wrap, you also need to establish a name and develop a logo that stands out and represents your company.

The Kitchen

This is yet another invaluable ingredient when it comes to choosing the right options for your food truck. After all, this is where you’re going to put in a lot of work. You want a setup that facilitates a sensible workflow, and tools that fit your cuisine.

Think through from start to finish all the different items you make. Which appliances would make sense next to one another? If you put food in a proofing cabinet directly after removing it from the grill, chances are you don’t want one of these at the front of your truck and the other one all the way at the back. 

Not sure how to set up your kitchen? Your food truck builder can help you out in that department.

Special Features

While the quality of your truck and the equipment inside is invaluable, adding special features can make your business stand out even more. Some of these bells and whistles can also make your job easier or more efficient.

Some extra features you may want to add on include:

  • Exterior flat-screen TVs to display your menu or other content
  • iPads for your point of sale system
  • Interior and exterior speakers to play music for your employees or customers
  • Rooftop signboards to help your truck be seen above the crowd
  • Security cameras for that extra layer of safety

There are many more ways you can customize your truck—don’t hesitate to think of your own! Adding some of these exciting features can be one more way to make your business special.

Need help deciding what features to add to your food truck? Contact us and our food truck experts will help you out.