4 Reasons Why Resorts Should Offer Grocery Delivery Services to Their Guests

Photo of two women from shoulders up facing away from the camera, sitting in a resort pool with palm trees and lounge chairs in background

Imagine: you’re on vacation. You’re lounging on a sandy beach and return to the resort, tired and ready to relax. As you settle into bed, your stomach grumbles.

And there is no food whatsoever in your room.

Sure, you could order room service or get dressed and go to a restaurant. But what you want is healthy, authentic food. Getting it, however, requires a trip to the grocery store.

Or does it?

Resort owners, listen up: if you want to wow your guests, you need the best grocery delivery service available. Read on to find out why.

1. It Saves Resorts Money

It’s difficult to cut costs and meet customers’ needs, but a free grocery delivery option does just that.

From 2007 to 2012, room service revenue dropped almost 10%. For many hotels and resorts, the picture is worse. Andrew Bowen, assistant director of foods and beverages at Amway Grand Plaza, explains his hotel’s revenue decreased 30% in the past 10 years.

By swapping room service for grocery delivery, resorts reduce costs associated with expensive room service options. Instead, resorts invest that money in a fleet that provides groceries.

And it isn’t expensive. Owners purchase electric vehicle conversions, which are used to transport groceries from nearby stores to the resort.

These vehicles are perfect for grocery delivery, as they don’t require fuel, can transport perishable goods and need minimal upkeep.

2. It’s an Easy Way to Draw Customers

Competition is fierce, and resort owners need ways to stand out from the crowd. Grocery delivery service is one of them.

Customers love it, and it’s an option that keeps vacationers’ interests at heart. Prospective customers comparing prices realize the savings this offers to them, and if the delivery service is free, you’re practically guaranteed a click.

Why? Because more customers prefer to have food delivered directly to them and Millennials especially love the idea of a home-cooked meal.

3. It Lets Customer Relax & Budget

No one wants to go to the grocery store when they’re on vacation. But, let’s face it, regardless of how world-class a restaurant’s chefs are, sometimes vacationers just want a PB and jelly sandwich.

And, to top it off, they want to enjoy their vacation without breaking their bank accounts. A four-day trip outside of the States costs an average of $520 for food and alcohol.

Offering a grocery delivery service satisfies both needs. Customers return from their activity-filled days to find they can relax and have the food they crave—all without spending more money than they need to.

4. It Provides More Options & Authenticity

Customers want every desire to be fulfilled on vacation. A grocery delivery service answers that request, at least where food is concerned.

Today, more travelers are health conscious than ever before. With a grocery delivery service, vacationers can both stick to their diets and have the time of their lives.

Furthermore, grocery deliveries provide an equal ground for individuals with particular palates or serious food restraints. Customers who are glucose intolerant, for example, know exactly what is in their food.

Offer the Best Grocery Delivery Service

Happy customers. Low costs. More business.

It’s a win-win scenario.

But we know purchasing a fleet sounds expensive and that many resort owners hesitate at the initial costs. That’s why we offer a no-hassle quote for custom delivery vehicles.

Fill out our online request today to see how much your resort can benefit from the best grocery delivery service you can offer.