4 Ways to Promote Your Food Truck Business

two women buying something from a food truck on a city street

Photo by Cesar Bretana Gonzalez on Unsplash 

Between 2013 and 2018, the number of food truck establishments almost doubled. 

There’s a reason for this! Food trucks have become extremely popular because they can provide a socially distanced and easy way to grab food on the go.

They also bring a variety of offers. Looking for a Mexican food truck? Just a simple sandwich one? There’s likely one around. 

With the rising popularity, how do you market your own food truck business though? How do you convince people that yours is the one to visit? 

1. Food Truck Vending at Local Events

By vending at local events, you’ll be able to market to people very easily because your truck will be conveniently right there for people looking for food!

Many events are looking for food trucks, whether it’s a full food truck park or a local festival that just needs some dinner options. If few people have heard of your food truck in the area because you’re just getting started, this is a great way to get everyone up to speed. 

2. Reach Out to Companies

It’s not just events that are handy in the area, but local companies. You might find that people want a food truck on their property throughout the day, or perhaps just at lunch and dinner time.

It’s also a great way to get your name out there. If people are using a food truck finder, you want your name to be high on the list!

Don’t be discouraged if companies don’t immediately want you there. You could suggest catering a special event as a trial run. Keep reaching out and keep trying.

3. Use Social Media

Social media is one of the best strategies for promoting your food truck business. Make sure you have Instagram and Facebook at the very least and connect with other food trucks and restaurants to help yourself be seen out there.

Use the right hashtags and appealing photos of your best dishes! If you can get those seen, people will follow you and be tempted to come to your truck.

When using hashtags, make sure quite a few of them are location-appropriate! 

4. Create an Email List

You can also encourage people to sign up for an email list by promoting special offers and previewing new items through it. You can then use the email list to let everyone know where your food truck is going next and any updates to the menu.

Make sure you send emails sparingly and only use them for offers, important information, and the occasional pure promotion. This prevents people from unsubscribing. 

Promoting Your Food Truck Will Get You Success!

If you use these methods to promote your food truck, with time, you’ll get success! It may take a little patience when first starting out, but if you can create some awesome menu items and get people talking about how good the food is, the line will be a mile long in no time.

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