How Universities Can Benefit From Temperature-Controlled Delivery

delivery person carrying pizza boxes

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Temperature-controlled food delivery keeps food safe and fresh, but have you thought about how it can benefit universities?

Students will appreciate having more dining options, and temp-controlled vehicles are the perfect solution for caterers and campus events.

Learn more about temperature-controlled delivery and how it can benefit your college campus.

Temperature-Controlled Delivery Keeps Goods Fresh

Temperature-controlled vehicles have systems that allow you to set and regulate the temperature. This can keep perishable food and goods from spoiling. Temperature control keeps foods that need to stay at a certain temperature safe from harmful bacteria.

The temperature needed depends on the contents you’re transporting. This could include fresh produce, chicken, ice cream, or even flowers. You may need to keep food hot or cold, depending on what you’re transporting.

There are a variety of options for delivery vehicles, whether you need frozen, refrigerated, heated, or something else.

Campus food halls and restaurants also rely on refrigerated vehicles to prevent bacteria growth. This bacteria can result in foodborne illnesses, which is why it’s necessary to keep food at a safe temperature.

The Ideal Solution for Campus Events

Temperature-controlled vehicles will help provide food and drinks at campus events. For instance, your university may hold a career expo, host a guest speaker, or need food for a faculty meeting. Campus catering services can more easily serve these varying environments if they have refrigerated and heated catering vehicles for transporting food.

Another solution for catering campus events could be food trucks. Investing in a food truck that would provide a few more specialty items can be a good alternate option for student dining. It can also add a potential revenue stream if used for serving food at campus events with high foot traffic, like sports games, Homecoming, or parent weekend.

Custom-Designed Trucks

When it comes to delivery vehicles, you have a ton of options for customization. You can find frozen vehicle conversions that use condensing sets or cold plates, refrigerated inserts or truck bodies, heated conversions, and even multi-temperature vehicles.

College catering operations can get a custom-designed truck or vehicle to suit any delivery need. Give your students access to a wider assortment of meal delivery options, and expand your reach. 

Take Advantage of These Benefits

Students, caterers, restaurant owners, and more can see these benefits when they deliver to universities. Temperature-controlled vehicles keep food fresh and safe and also provide students with more dining options.

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