5 Reasons Your University Needs Campus Food Delivery

laughing university students sit at a wooden table with laptops and notebooks

When it comes to feeding 1000s of hungry college students, the university dining hall pales in comparison to campus food delivery services closing the gap.

Recent reports that many cash-strapped students skip meals to save their money isn’t entirely true.

If the latest numbers are anything to go by, the percentage of young adults aged between 18 and 24, some of whom are college students, prefer to have food delivered to them.

Interested in hearing more? Here are 5 reasons why colleges should seriously capitalize on ensuring dorm students have access to campus food delivery services.

1. Students Get More Time to Study

When busy with studying, students barely have time to queue up at the dining hall to get something to eat. They sometimes choose to stay hungry or grab a snack to keep their stomach quiet. Later, they can have a decent meal once they have some free time or during a study break.

If students are busy hitting the books, they are much more likely to order food that will come right to where they are, rather than losing that study room where they’ve holed themselves up in the library. Adding delivery services is a win win: your university will have another stream of revenue, and your students will have more convenient food options.

2. Poorly Cooked Dining Hall Meals

It’s no secret! The vast majority of university and college students don’t like most of the food cooked in their dining halls.

When given the freedom to choose between campus food delivery and going to the dining hall, they won’t think twice about skipping the meals served at the dining hall.

Food delivery services offer more food variety. Hence, students find it quite satisfying that they can choose to eat their favorite foods whenever they want instead of sticking to the same menu for every meal.

3. Temperature-Controlled Vehicles Keep Food Fresh

Students don’t just want to eat their favorite meals, they want fresh meals!

Enter temperature-controlled vehicles. These vehicles are either heated or equipped with refrigeration systems to keep food fresh. Here, they can be used to serve as food vending outlets to offer food to students on location and to deliver food throughout the campus.

4. A Tech-Savvy Method That Students Will Love

No doubt, young people love technology. Thus, they tend to be early adopters of new technologies. Using the food delivery apps installed on their smartphones, students can have food delivered to them with the simple tap of a button.

There are probably already delivery apps competing with your university dining hall. Why not scoop up some of that market share? Having your own university food delivery service where students can still use their dining dollars will be another attractive option for them to choose.

5. Catering for Campus Events

Temperature-controlled vehicles can also come in handy during campus banquets and events. If your campus has a lot of events for donors, alumni, or prospective students, you can be sure attendees will want to be fed.

Keeping food fresh for a large number of people can be a challenge in areas of your campus where there might not be a kitchen nearby. Food delivery vehicles can help ensure your food stays hot and fresh for guests, no matter where you serve it.

Campus Food Delivery Is a Big Hit with College Students

Highlighted above are five good reasons to consider campus food delivery services for your college or university students but there are many more benefits.

If you’re unsure about the demand for these services at your institution, you can always ask the students to let you know what they think. Shoot out a survey to find out what food services your students would take advantage of.

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