Keep it Cold And Avoid The Old: Why You Should Buy A NEW Refrigerated Van

close up photo of several cardboard cartons of fresh blueberries

Reliable refrigerated delivery vehicles are essential for anyone who runs a restaurant, grocery store, or other food-related business.

If you need one of these vehicles, you’ve probably been tempted by the seemingly low prices on the secondhand market.

Unfortunately, finding a “great deal” on a used refrigerated van might end up costing a lot more than you think.

Keep reading to learn some of the hidden costs of used refer vans and why buying new is usually the better option.

Customization Is King

Probably the biggest benefit of buying a new refrigerated delivery vehicle is the ability to set things up your way. A high-quality manufacturer can customize just about anything you need.

You can change up the dimensions of the storage area or adjust its configuration. You can build out separate temperature zones or add in things like external taps or access points.

Buying new lets you get a refrigerated vehicle that perfectly fulfills your needs. Even better, interest rates on new vehicles are almost always lower than on used ones. You’ll also benefit from the high resale value of vans in the secondhand market.

Know What You’re Getting

With a used refrigerated van or truck you never know exactly what you’re getting into. On paper, you may have the manufacturer’s serial number and upkeep records but that only goes so far.

Many users heavily modify their vehicles after purchase. Even worse, some don’t perform regular maintenance the way they should.

This is especially true of used refer trucks on the private market. Small scale operators sometimes cut corners in ways larger fleets don’t.

Even the best-maintained refrigeration systems will eventually break down just from wear and tear, so dealing with one that hasn’t been maintained well can cause a lot of headaches.

Ensure Everything is Perfect

If you’re getting a really good deal on a used refer van there’s probably a reason for it. All refrigeration units have an optimal lifespan.

Most refer vans for sale will come from fleets. They’re put on the market the moment the accountants calculate that they have become more expensive to operate than to replace.

You don’t want to purchase a “great” used refrigerated vehicle just to discover there are significant refrigeration issues needing repairs.

Used Refrigerated Van Upkeep

One often overlooked aspect of buying a used van for frozen or refrigerated goods is the added upkeep cost. You may think you’re getting a great deal but fail to account for the repair costs older vehicles rack up.

Commercial vehicles become more expensive to operate as they age. Vehicles with higher mileage suffer from the same issues. Transmission, brake, engine, electrical, or cooling system issues are much more likely to occur.

On top of that, older vehicles commonly have a much lower fuel efficiency than newer ones.

Always Run the Numbers

For most potential users, buying a new refrigerated van is the smart move. Refer vans and trucks don’t depreciate the way personal vehicles do. You won’t save as much as you think, and you may end up with expensive and unexpected repair bills.

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