Running a Food Truck on a Hot Day? Here’s How to Keep Your Customers Cool!

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As a food truck operator, you know that in order to earn big you need to make the right choices in operating your food truck.

Here are some tips on how to keep customers cool and happy when the temperatures are up. 

Set Up Near Green Spaces 

Heat islands are a phenomenon that makes it feel many degrees hotter in urban areas than it is in surrounding greener areas. 

A jumble of roofs and pavements work together to bump up the temperatures. So, instead of a parking lot in a business park, opt to set up near a green space. Especially on those days where it is going to get hot, hot, hot.

Look for any patch of green: a golf course, a football field, a park. If you can find some trees to park under, even better!

Not only will trees block the sun from beating down on your customers, they will also provide cooling shade for your truck. 

Park Strategically

Running a food truck involves a lot of strategic decisions. One of them is where you will park. 

If you are attending an event, ask if you can choose the parking spot. If you can, pick a spot where you are not in direct sunlight.

If you are not at an event and just trying to feed hungry people in the city, this still applies.

If you park facing north or south, it usually means that the sun will not be in your customers’ eyes. Depending on the time of day, you may even want to swivel around to face the other direction to give them some shade.

Also, look around and park where there are shaded areas nearby. If there are picnic tables that’s a bonus! Customers are more likely to stick around and buy from you if it is convenient for them to eat in the vicinity too. 

Pack an Umbrella

You pack a lot of gear and ingredients in order to run your food truck, we know. You have a list of food truck expenses. If you don’t have an attached awning, packing an umbrella and stand is one extra item to lug around and one more expense. 

Yet, this can make a huge difference in your business. Set up your umbrella near your order window. Try to angle the umbrella to cast shade towards the lineup. 

That way customers get some relief as they stand in line. Chances are people will stick around to wait for their order if they aren’t roasting. 

Ask Your Customers Their Names 

On those scorching hot days when the asphalt is melting, standing in a lineup is torture.

Don’t do that to your customers. Take their name down as you take their order. Tell them you will call their name when their food is ready.

Doing this takes just a few seconds. Then your customers can go stand by a tree or a building where there is shade.

They will appreciate not having to stand in the open where the sun is fiercest. 

Play Some Music

Playing music won’t lower the temperature at all. But, it can do a lot to boost the mood.

People naturally feel happier when there is music on. Even if they are so hot, sweat is dripping down their back. Put some music on and suddenly they feel like they are on vacation at the beach!

Running a Food Truck Is All About Customer Satisfaction 

There you have it! Some fool-proof tips for running a food truck during a heatwave.

Remember, running a food truck is just as much about customer service as it is about good food.

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