The Essentials of Starting Your Own Delivery Business

woman placing a delivery order on her ipad

Looking to be a small business owner? Delivery services are a good way to be your own boss and make a living the way you want.

With low start-up costs, starting a delivery business is a very achievable goal. Here are some ideas to get you on the way.

Essential Steps In Opening Your Delivery Business

Opening a business in delivery can be done with a few startup costs. The business models vary depending on what niche of delivery you want your business to be.

Some businesses work by an extremely general delivery service, while others specialize. You might want to deliver hot items, like pizza or other meals, or you may want refrigerated delivery, for flowers or groceries. Getting started requires the right kit, licensing and customers.

Create a Business Plan

Before you can create your business plan, you need to pick a niche. Then you need to decide how your business will operate.

There are two different ways you can operate your delivery business. The key difference is how you obtain drivers to satisfy your delivery contracts:

  • Subcontract drivers: Drivers, in cases like this, are independent contractors who own their own gear. Your job will be obtaining agreements with those who need things transported.
  • In-house drivers: In this scenario, the trucks are yours and employees do the job. You have total control but have higher operating costs.

Vehicles and Equipment

Your primary gear in a delivery business is the mode of transportation. The niche market you decide upon will influence your decision to get a car, van, or truck, and whether you need frozen, refrigerated or heated compartments. Or maybe you will need all three!

When buying a vehicle, look for reliability and efficiency to lessen overhead costs on repairs.

  • Research a Vehicle – There are plenty of options. Choosing the best can be difficult without guidance. Fuel efficient vehicles are recommended as you’ll be racking up plenty of miles on delivery routes.
  • Outfit Your Vehicle – Next, you have to start considering what sort of equipment you will need. Different types of delivery require specialized equipment, like shelving for floral delivery, or heated compartments with racking for pizzas. 
  • Name Your Business – The identity of your business is important. It must be innovative and unique. You must also create your enterprise from a legal standpoint. See a legal professional prior to making this choice. You’ll be able to get a better idea of the structure you want.

Choosing Your Business Model

  • Work out delivery boundaries. Narrowing down your consumer base is important. This puts a limit on gas and mileage.
  • Work out when you’re ready to work. Consider what days and times you’ll be available.
  • Contact businesses that might need a delivery service. This may include restaurants, stores, or dry cleaners.
  • Advertise! Put up flyers in your target area, hand out business cards, and advertise on platforms like Facebook. Consider offering coupons to drum up your first few clients.

The Ins and Outs Of A Delivery Business

Growing your own delivery business can be very fruitful. Taking the time to develop a business plan will definitely help bring your idea to life.

We’re here to help! If you want to find out more about purchasing a quality vehicle for delivery, contact us now.