Top 5 Areas to Park Your Food Truck

fish taco truck parked under a palm tree

Photo by Jess Vide from Pexels

Food trucks have become a staple part of American culture since they first gained popularity on the west coast. They provide a healthy and multinational assortment of food as opposed to the junk found at fast-food establishments.

During the pandemic with many brick and mortar locations closed, the food truck has risen to new heights of popularity by offering a safe alternative to cooking at home or ordering delivery.

If you want to increase your food truck’s business, you need to know where to park it. The following 5 locations will be sure to help your revenue stream.


If you can find a place to park your food truck amidst the hustle and bustle of a downtown strip, you will be sure to snag some customers.

You can enroll in various food truck finder apps online as well if you find a set location that you are willing to rent. That will allow your customers to find you easily when their belly starts to rumble.

Whether you’re a new food truck owner or you have a more established business, finding a place to park it downtown can be a major business booster.

The Beach

With summertime’s hot temperatures coming up, the beach is the place to be. If you are fortunate enough to operate on the coast then a popular beach parking lot could be your best bet to sell your food.

You could feed the hordes of tourists and crowds of hungry surfers as they come back to their cars after a long day of fun in the sun.

Every truck needs someplace to start and the beach can be yours as you can count on people to be there if the weather is nice. The beach can be a great starter location because you may not need to rent a spot depending on county bylaws.

A Food Truck Park

A food truck park is an excellent way to gain instant access to a group of regular clientele. If you have the opportunity to join a food truck park, go for it!

The food truck pods in Portland are a prime example of a successful food truck park. Each of the vendors supports each other’s business by drawing in a customer base day after day.

Financial or Business Districts

Catering to people with an excess of money and a short daily lunch break is a great strategy. If you can park your food truck close enough to your customers you can target their lunch break time and build regulars.


If you can develop a relationship with an event manager you could be in for some serious revenue. With many events already planned for summer, getting in early before the competition could be the key.

Events such as concerts and sports games offer a guaranteed audience and clientele. They are also great places to get your name out there.

Pick Your Spot

These five areas to park your food truck are just a few examples. As your business develops you can do some recon and find other high traffic areas for food trucks in your community.

Pick your spot today so your business can grow. Contact us if you are ready to get one of the best food trucks in the industry.