Transport This: 3 Businesses That Benefit From Temperature-Controlled Vehicles

top down photo of a delivery package wrapped in brown paper and twin sitting on top of a knitted garment

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Much of the temperature-controlled delivery business is taken up with food ventures. This includes catering and supply chain transport, not to mention all the types of food delivery out there, from restaurant meals and groceries, to senior meal assistance and disaster relief.

What many people don’t realize, however, is that temperature-control in transport is a necessity for many other industries besides just those that are food related. Keep reading to learn about a few of them. 

1. Flower Delivery

Much like food, flowers can’t always survive high temperatures. This is owing to a process known as transpiration.

During transpiration plants expel some water while taking in new water. It allows the plant to keep itself cool while also ensuring that the plant can feed.

The problem is that it doesn’t always work this way. In some cases, the temperature is too high for the plant to safely handle. The plant is dying of thirst because it’s giving off water faster than it can absorb more water.

Refrigerated vehicles will help keep your flowers in top shape so you don’t miss out on profit.

2. Fine Art

Possibly one of the oddest business requiring temperature-controlled transportation is fine art. However, unlike food items in transport, art doesn’t need to be heated OR refrigerated. In fact, it shouldn’t be.

Transporting fine art requires a carefully controlled environment. The temperature can’t get too hot, cold or humid. Any of these conditions can cause art pieces to stretch, shrink, or turn brittle and become vulnerable to damage.

Having a reliable environment for art transport is essential since many art pieces are either very old, very valuable, or both. You don’t want a vehicle that you can’t count on when your cargo is irreplaceable and possibly priceless.

3. Medical Supplies

This is perhaps the most vital type of business on this list. Medical companies will often use something similar to catering vehicles to transport medications to those who need them.

Many pharmaceuticals don’t react well to heat. In fact, they could become less effective and even dangerous if they’re stored or transported at high temperature.

Transportation of medicine and food above certain temperatures is not only dangerous—it’s also illegal in many cases.

The Food Safety Modernization Act states that both human and animal food must be kept below a certain temperature for transport.

Though the FSMA doesn’t apply to medical goods, improper storage can influence their effectiveness. You could be fired and your company could be sued for malpractice or negligence, not to mention the human cost of such a mistake.

The importance of proper transport for medical supplies cannot be understated. Make sure your temperature-controlled transport vehicle is reliable and safe.

Temperature-Controlled Vehicles in Business

Many people think of heated or refrigerated vehicles as being used in catering or food delivery, but in fact many different industries use these vehicles.

Have a floral delivery, medical goods or fine art transport business that needs a temperature-controlled vehicle? Contact us today to discuss the future of your delivery needs.