Why Customers Love Food Trucks and What That Means for You

customer ordering food from a counter

Photo: Rawpixel

Did you know that the average American spends $1200 on fast food annually? 

If you’re looking to get into the fast-food game, why not consider the world of food trucks? This is a great way to showcase your business to customers on the go!

To help sway your decision, we’re sharing five reasons why today’s consumers love food trucks. From their efficiency and accessibility to their overall diversity, it’s easy to see why food trucks are continuing to grow in popularity. 

1. Fast and Easy

First things first, food trucks are fast! 

Customers know that they can place and receive their order in a relatively quick time span. This helps to create a sense of ease in purchasing your food and drink from a food truck. When you’re on the clock, it’s safe to say that every minute counts! 

For your own food truck, this means you’re going to want to be prepared as possible. Be sure to prep your most difficult dishes beforehand so that you can operate quickly and serve as many customers as possible. 

2. Not Your Typical Chain

At the end of the day, it’s easy to get sick and tired of America’s most common food chains. 

Let’s consider that McDonald’s has over 13,486 locations throughout America. With such a large number, it’s easy to see why consumers crave something different when it comes to fast food. 

This is a significant draw to food trucks. As compared to all of the usual chains, food trucks offer something entirely different! With this, customers count on experiencing a more niche food market and more carefully crafted products overall. 

3. An Introduction to New Cuisines  

One of the most exciting aspects of food trucks is that they introduce new foods to their customers.  

This is a great way for consumers to get to know an entirely new cuisine of food. For example, a food truck is where many people will try a series of ethnic foods for the first time. Because the food truck experience feels so personal, the customers are able to establish a greater sense of trust in both the food and the chef. 

4. Accessibility 

Short and simple, food trucks are easy to access! 

In choosing a food truck, there’s no need to trek to the local mall or the restaurant around the corner. Instead, the best food trucks are parked and waiting for you on the road. Here, you’ll be greeted by a friendly face and all of the usual customers happily lined up and waiting for their food. 

5. Personalization 

When customers purchase food from a food truck, they have the rare opportunity to interact with the chef. This is because on a food truck, the orders are often taken and prepared by one person—the chef!  

This is as compared to a traditional joint where the customer solely interacts with the cashier or server. This helps to deliver a more personal and trusting experience for the customer overall. When customers are able to see the face behind their food, they naturally feel more connected to the experience.

The Rise in Food Trucks 

In recent years, it’s safe to say that food trucks have exploded in popularity! 

Not only are food trucks fast and easy, but they also offer a number of alternate perks to customers. A local Mexican food truck may encourage residents to try ceviche verde and enchiladas for the first time. The personal one-on-one experience may appeal to customers that seek a more personalized experience. 

So, how would food trucks suit your industry? Contact us today to find out!