3 Ways to Integrate Online Food Ordering into Your Food Truck Business

woman receiving food in delivery bag

The last year has changed so much about how the food and restaurant business operates. Many people relied heavily on order ahead and food delivery services, a trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. 

Thanks to order-ahead food truck apps, this proverbial ship has been able to stay afloat through the pandemic and beyond. In fact, integrating online food ordering into your food truck business can ensure your ship not only stays afloat but has an upgraded propulsion system and is ready to sail!

Here are three unique ways to use this technology to your advantage!

1. Mobile Order Ahead

What makes this service so useful is that it lets QSRs build clout on the internet through mobile apps and PC web browsers while ensuring the customers’ orders will be prepared in advance.

This means that wait times will be practically nonexistent. Customers can show up when their order has been completed, pick up their meal, and be on their merry way.

Here’s a little food for thought. If everyone is on the internet these days, then where do you think your food truck business should be?

If you guessed the internet, then congrats! You’ve already got the right mindset!

2. Using the Right QSR App

Don’t just settle for any QSR app. Make sure the one you choose fits with your catering business needs. Here are three tried-and-true QSR apps you can find on the market today!

Square for Restaurants 

This is arguably the #1 best point of sale service on the market. It has an online store integrated into it and a conversational ordering system. Better yet, its baseline service is free.

Revel Systems

Cloud-based, highly customizable, detailed reporting, and has a loyalty baseline subscription. Comes with a price.


Easy-to-use, contactless ordering and payments, always making new tools. Also has a price.

The trick is to choose a QSR app that has a highly conversational system so you can interact with your customers during the life of the sale. Customers want to know when their meal will be ready and the step-by-step process by which it is being made. If the app you’re using provides this feature, then you’re doing things right!

3. Reach More Customers With Delivery Apps

Instead of hiring people to deliver food to your customers, consider partnering with a delivery app to save money. What makes these apps convenient is their ease-of-access systems and cheap delivery options.

Here are some tried-and-true delivery apps:

  • Postmates
  • Doordash
  • UberEats
  • Grubhub

Using one of these apps gives you access to another customer base that you might not otherwise tap into, but be careful—many of them charge hefty fees. This is a decision you’ll want to do your research on before deciding if it’s worth it for your food truck business.

Don’t Wait to Transform Your Food Truck Business

There has never been a better time than now to change how your food truck business operates. Everyone has gotten used to the ease and convenience of ordering ahead online, or ordering online for delivery.

With the aid of online food ordering and delivery apps, you can flip the switch in a matter of minutes. Take your food to your customers and they’ll keep coming back for more!

Have Food Truck Questions?

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