5 Campuses That Would Benefit From a Refrigerated Delivery Vehicle

man loading boxes into a delivery van

Photo by Norma Mortenson from Pexels

The art of keeping perishable goods fresh can be exhausting. Many know the struggle of buying fruit early in the week and having it go bad four days later.

When it comes to keeping perishable goods fresh for a large number of people, these struggles are exacerbated. With more mouths to feed, there’s more food to worry about wasting if it goes bad. 

A refrigerated delivery vehicle can come in handy in this situation. In fact, there are many types of campuses that would benefit from having access to one. If you run a business that could utilize campus refrigerated delivery, then this article is for you.

Read on to learn about five campuses that would benefit from a refrigerated vehicle!

1. Hospitals

Hospitals are campuses that cater to lots of people all the time. If you have a family member in long-term care, there’s a chance you’ll get hungry at some point.

Not to mention that hospital food also feeds all of the patients, nurses, doctors, and other staff who are working as well. It’s important that the food is healthy and fresh for recovering patients.

Having your own dedicated delivery vehicle allows you to keep food stuffs safe when transporting between different areas on campus. But, transporting large amounts of perishable food isn’t the only benefit of having refrigerated delivery trucks. A refrigerated delivery vehicle could help transport vital organs to hospitals.

2. Senior Living Centers and Nursing Homes

For large senior-care establishments, having refrigerated delivery on campus is essential. Serving food to both senior citizens living in these facilities as well as nurses and staff is a huge daily task, and being able to transport food safely between different living centers is vital.

It’s important for the health of these residents that their food stays as fresh and healthy as possible.

3. Universities

University campuses, both large and small, are more efficient when they have refrigerated delivery. University refrigerated food delivery ensures that campus food halls and restaurants can function properly without having to worry about outbreak of foodborne illness from improper refrigeration.

Most students rely on these facilities for every meal, which means it’s even more important for the food they eat to be kept fresh in transit between different parts of campus. Additionally, campus events often take place year round and require refrigerated catering.

4. Hotels and Resorts

Hotels and resorts pride themselves on providing luxury to their customers. When people pay to stay in one of these establishments, they expect high-quality food that’s worth their money. This is one of many reasons to have refrigerated delivery for large resort establishments. Food needs to be kept at safe temperatures, even if you’re just transporting it to another building on site.

Having a refrigerated or heated delivery vehicle also gives you more flexibility in delivering food on demand all over the resort. 

5. Airports

Airports see significant and steady traffic of hungry people—some on a 24-hours-a-day schedule. There are numerous restaurants and businesses that feed people while they’re grounded, not to mention in the air! Because most people get to the airport with time to kill, the lines for restaurants are consistent. 

Additionally, people find themselves with time to eat while on a layover between destinations. Refrigerated delivery vehicles are great for ensuring that your airport campus has enough fresh food for everyone.  

Incorporate a Refrigerated Delivery Vehicle on Your Campus Today!

As you can see, there are many campuses that can benefit from utilizing a refrigerated delivery vehicle. Some others include casinos, prisons, and conference centers. Across the board, these campuses all benefit from refrigerated delivery for similar reasons—keeping people fed with food safety in mind. 

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