How Do Food Truck Chefs Plan Their Menus?

food truck chef preparing tortillas filled with rice and meat on a griddle

Are you an aspiring food truck chef? 

If so, you might be wondering how these mobile eateries select their themes and plan their menus. 

In this article, we’ll share our top tips for planning and preparation. And, we’ll help you decide what to serve! Keep reading for more information.

Incorporate Familiar Foods

Not every guest at your eatery will be looking for fun and trendy menu items. Some people will be looking for basic foods and classic menu items that they recognise. 

Simple dishes like a sandwich, a burger and fries, chicken fingers, or a garden salad might appeal best to these clients. Of course, you’ll want to add your own creative twists to the dish, but don’t go crazy!

Having one meal that appeals to picky eaters and kids is an excellent idea.

Think Outside the Box

Don’t be afraid to add an item to your menu, just because it doesn’t fit in with your theme. Instead, introduce these dishes as specials or limited-time offerings.

It’s ok to color outside the lines from time to time, and if a menu item doesn’t sell well as a special, you can easily remove it from the list. 

You can also consider fusion cooking—the combination of multiple culinary backgrounds to create a totally unique dish. 

Seasonal Eating

If you want to attract customers all year round, you might want to create a seasonal food truck menu. 

For example, you might want to serve a pumpkin spiced dish or two during fall months. Or, add a comforting cup of soup to the menu during wintertime.

Seasonal eating is more than just a trend. Serving each month’s produce at its peak ripeness is healthy, sustainable, and will keep your menu sounding fresh to new guests during every season. 

Add a Unique Twist

If you’re running a classic eatery like a sandwich food truck, you’ll need to make your menu stand out from the competition.

Consider using some interesting or exotic ingredients to spice up basic menu items. This could be something small—like adding an unexpected garnish or sauce. Or, a far-out idea that takes food truck food to the next level!

It’s your restaurant, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Bottoms Up

Even if your main food truck themes focus on food, you’ll need to add a few beverages to your menu. That way, guests can enjoy a complete meal at your eatery, rather than going elsewhere for a drink.

Consider your climate, location, and client base before adding a drink menu.

In some places, you might need special permitting for drinks like beer and wine. And, depending on the weather in your area, you might be better off serving hot drinks like coffee and tea. 

Think Like a Food Truck Chef

Now that you’ve got some menu inspiration, it’s time to think like a food truck chef and start planning that menu!

And, if you haven’t purchased your truck yet, now is the perfect time to contact us for a free quote request. Our team of industry experts is standing by to help!