How Refrigerated Delivery Trucks Can Help Promote Seasonal Eating in Your Community

cartons of blueberries, blackberries and strawberries in a cardboard box at a farmer's market

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Do you wish there were more ways to distribute seasonal produce in your community?

Fruits and vegetables in season are nutritious, delicious, and sustainable. So, why not help encourage others to enjoy local berries, veggies, and more?

Luckily, with temperature-controlled vehicles, it’s easier than ever to distribute fresh, local foods.

Read on to learn how you can use refrigerated delivery trucks to promote seasonal eating in your community. Then, you can start sharing farm-fresh local foods!

Ensure Produce Arrives At the Height of Freshness

With a fleet of refrigerated delivery trucks, it becomes easy for you to bring fresh produce to local consumers when it’s at the peak of freshness.

When chilled and properly stored, you can take produce straight from the farm. Load it into the truck fridge for immediate delivery to local households, grocery stores, farmer’s markets, schools, and restaurants. 

Because fruits and vegetables last longer when refrigerated, they will arrive with your customers as if they’ve just been picked.

This is a great way to bring seasonal produce to your community, especially now when more and more consumers want to support local farmers instead of industrial farms that are states away. Customers will appreciate the fresh, tasty produce brought straight to their community. 

Customized to Your Vehicle

Think only huge trucks can have refrigeration? Actually, just about any type of vehicle can be refrigerated. A car, truck, or van might be closer to the right size for delivering produce from a local farm.

This opens up opportunities for farmers or small business owners to convert more conveniently-sized vehicles for refrigeration. No worrying about purchasing and driving a huge truck or getting a CDL license. This makes seasonal produce delivery a much more affordable option for many businesses.

Offer Farm to Table Produce Boxes

Customers love high-quality, organic produce. But, they also love convenience. There’s a huge demand for seasonal delivery produce boxes, so why not invest in a refrigerated truck to start your own business?

Let customers know, based on the seasonal schedule, what they can expect to receive each week. When possible, include some of the nation’s favorite produce, such as apples, strawberries, tomatoes and potatoes.

Skip the middleman of markets and grocery stores and bring produce straight to your customers, delivered to their door.

Meet All Food Safety Requirements

When selling any type of food, you’ll need to meet all requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act. This act is designed to prevent problems before they can begin with food safety and hygiene.

With a refrigerated truck, cooled to the appropriate temperature, you can safely deliver produce and be in accordance with all food safety laws.

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Start sharing your healthy, beautifully fresh, and in-season produce with your community, helping families enjoy fresh food for an affordable price.

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