How to Finance Your Food Truck

person putting money into a piggy bank

Are you thinking about starting a food truck business? Do you want to know how you can finance your food truck in order to get going now rather than saving up?

You can satisfy your inner chef and start your restaurant on wheels by getting it financed through traditional or more creative avenues. While taking out a bank loan is the standard way to start a small business or get one through hard times, you have other options, too.

Here’s a look at ways you can finance your food truck venture.

Traditional Ways to Get Financing

If your credit is decent and you are okay with taking out loans, the best idea may be to apply for a business loan from your bank. You’ll need to provide them with some detailed information before qualifying. Keep in mind that there is some risk involved, and if the business is poor you’ll still be left owing the money.

The Small Business Administration offers microloans of up to $50,000 or less. You could use a loan like this to finance part of your truck, or help your business get through a tough time. This form of finance is somewhat easier to qualify for because it’s for a smaller amount.

To qualify for these SBA loans you’ll need to have some form of collateral as well as a decent credit score.

Creative Ways to Get Financing

If borrowing the traditional way doesn’t appeal to you, or doesn’t work out, check out these non-traditional ways to get the funding you need.


Crowdfunding lets you raise money through your social network by asking for many small donations. If you find yourself needing operating cash, ask your fans to donate.

They already love your food, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time trying to convince them about why you should stay in business.

Equipment Funding

Sometimes all a food truck owner needs is new equipment. It’s possible to get funding specifically for a hot plate or any other equipment. This form of raising money works because the equipment itself serves as collateral. 

Credit Cards

Although using credit cards to pay for emergency expenses can be risky, many people have done this without experiencing long-term financial damage. You just want to be sure you are going to be able to pay them back in a short amount of time. 

Friends and Family

Sometimes emergency help from mom and dad is all you need. Or you can tell a good friend that you need some operating cash to stay in business. If your friends and family have made it clear that they’re willing to help, don’t turn them down in an emergency situation. 

Business Lines of Credit

A business line of credit can keep your food truck going without the burden of debt. You only borrow what you need at any given time, and pay it back in monthly increments that you can afford. 

Keep Your Food Truck On the Road 

Whether you’re financing your first food truck, or need a little extra cash when things get tight, there are many financing avenues you can explore. Even if you experience slow times during the year, you can still keep your food truck ready to serve your fans. With the right financing strategies, the funds you need will always be within your reach. 

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