Refrigerated Vehicles are Changing the Face of Grocery Delivery

photo of a grocery basket of fresh vegetables sitting on a wood-paneled store counter

The grocery delivery industry is primed for growth. As stores get more crowded, shoppers are turning to the convenience of delivery services via refrigerated vehicles.

In the United States, just 3% of grocery shopping is happening online. This is far lower than other developed nations like the United Kingdom or South Korea, where 15% of customers use online grocery shopping.

This means there is a lot of opportunity for growth here at home. As retailers add refrigerated delivery capability, online grocery shopping will become more popular.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about refrigerated delivery. See how it will keep your food fresh and build up your customers’ confidence in your delivery services.

Regulations Governing Refrigerated Delivery

The United States government has passed regulations to ensure food safety in the grocery industry. One of the most important laws is the Food Modernization Safety Act (FMSA). 

These regulations require operators to keep refrigerated delivery vehicles clean to certain standards. It also sets temperature thresholds for the safe transport of consumable items.

One Temperature Does Not Fit All

The tricky thing about transporting food is that one temperature does not fit all. For example, you cannot store sensitive fruits and vegetables at the same temperature as pork. Other foods, like ice cream and frozen goods, require even lower temperatures.

A reputable grocery delivery service will have a detailed process in place. They will train their staff to place specific items in the refrigerator or freezer of corresponding temperature. Delivery services should also teach their employees current food safety practices.

Consumer Sentiments to Consider

As mentioned in the intro, just 3% of American grocery shoppers use online grocery delivery. While many new people are trying it, they remain skeptical that it is the best way to shop. If they have a bad experience, they are likely to stop using the service or try another one. 

One thing in particular that shoppers are looking for is speed. If the delivery is late, shoppers are likely to be aggravated and forgo services in the future. 

Consumers will also be turned off if an item is delivered in poor condition. This means they will need to return the item or get a replacement, costing additional effort and stress.

Other Industries Serviced

A number of different industries—not just grocery delivery—used refrigerated vehicles. Food trucks are more popular than ever and require refrigeration for raw ingredients.

Florists use temperature-controlled vehicles to ensure the safe delivery of flowers. Obviously, the ice cream man requires freezer capability to sell his treats. 

There are also non-profit organizations that use refrigerated vehicles to deliver fresh meals to the needy.

Wrapping It Up

Online grocery shopping and delivery is the wave of the future. In today’s frantic society, many people just don’t have the time or patience for grocery shopping.

This is where delivery services come into play. Be one step ahead of the trends and start your grocery delivery business today! Contact us today for assistance in getting the perfect vehicle for your refrigeration needs.