Top 7 Businesses That Could Benefit From Refrigerated Catering Vehicles

photo of economy seating in a commercial airplane

Photo by Sourav Mishra from Pexels

Refrigerated catering vehicles are the real workhorses of the logistics business. 

Delivering packages and dry goods is one thing, but transporting perishables is a real art form. We’ve all come to the realization, during the recent pandemic, that local supply chains are going to become more important in the coming decades. 

The delivery of food and medical supplies that need refrigeration will only increase in frequency. And that means there’s going to be a huge demand for refrigerated vehicles in the future, particularly those capable of transporting perishable goods. 

So, with that in mind, here are seven businesses that could benefit from the use of refrigerated catering vehicles. 

1. Airline Catering

Any food business must rely on refrigerated catering vehicles, and that includes the meals airlines serve for in-flight dining.

Whether prepared in-house by the airline’s own food service sector or contracted from an airline caterer, temperature-controlled vehicles are vital to getting these meals from prep kitchen to plane at food-safe temperatures.

2. Pharmaceutical Companies

Drug companies are heavily reliant on the use of refrigerated vehicles. 

This is because of the frequent need to transport medicines and vaccines at specific temperatures, lest they degrade or lose their potency. And we can expect the demand for such refrigerated transportation to only increase, especially amidst the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine in the near future. 

3. Hospitals

Related to the needs of drug companies are those of hospitals. Hospitals rely on refrigerated vehicles for a number of reasons: from the delivery of temperature-sensitive medical supplies to transportation of organ donations, temperature-control is vital.

Another use for refrigerated transport on hospital grounds has sadly gained much notoriety amid the COVID-19 pandemic: that of refrigerated trucks as transport for funeral homes, and even as mobile morgues. As macabre as this reality undoubtedly is, there is no denying that refrigerated transport is essential to the everyday operations of hospitals across the country.

4. Universities

Universities and colleges could also benefit from using refrigerated vehicles. Of course, they can be used in the standard catering role, for the transport of perishable food.

But many universities also maintain research labs, medical or otherwise. The need to transport fragile samples and research materials means that temperature-controlled vans are crucial.

5. Florists

Florists, believe it or not, also rely on the use of refrigerated trucks. Transporting flowers in a temperature-controlled environment maintains freshness and keeps them in shape.

6. Ice Cream and Frozen Treat Vendors

Okay, this one might seem a little obvious.

But it’s still true. If you’re selling ice cream treats, or frozen drinks, you’ll need to invest in or hire refrigerated catering vehicles.

7. Hospitality Industry

The hospitality and service industries are still some of the biggest users of refrigerated vehicles. 

There are many great options for hospitality workers when it comes to choosing catering vehicles. From vehicle inserts to box truck conversions, caterers can find flexibility in the way they transport food. 

Find Refrigerated Vehicles for Your Business 

If you think your business could use a refrigerated catering vehicle, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s important to ensure that food is stored at the appropriate temperature for transport, and that means finding the best equipment. 

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