Why Your Delivery Fleet Should Use Refrigerated Trucks

illustration of a blue delivery van

When you hear the phrase, “refrigerated trucks,” do you assume they’re only used for delivering produce… or body parts?

Well, you may be surprised to find that aside from the obvious (and slightly morbid), refrigerated trucks are actually useful to a variety of different businesses. 

Whether you’re a florist, caterer, blood-bank operator, meals-on-wheels coordinator, or any number of other business types, do your business a favor and educate yourself on these 5 compelling reasons your delivery fleet can’t do without refrigerated trucks.

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Refrigerated Trucks

Refrigerated trucks take your professionalism and product quality to the next level.

Even if the deliveries you’re making are over short distances or the products you deliver are not “too harmed” by lack of refrigeration during a commute, having the freshest products possible is the best way to impress customers and clients.

1. Offer a Wider Variety of Products

Regardless of what line of business you are in, if the product you provide needs any degree of preservation, having refrigerated delivery trucks will enable your business to offer a wider variety of products to customers.

Take for example florists.

Just think how much more likely customers are to order their flowers from you as opposed to a competitor if you can offer a larger selection of unique arrangements? 

With refrigerated delivery trucks, you are capable of transferring those delicate floral deliveries and adapting your products more easily to your customer tastes.

The case for food services is also undeniable. Having refrigerated trucks means your customers don’t have to travel, themselves, to purchase a larger variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, or pre-prepared foods. 

Refrigerated delivery trucks mean more options for customers. And more options mean satisfied customers. 

2. Transport More than Food and Flowers

As mentioned, refrigerated trucks provide a deeply valuable service for more businesses than just food and floral.

Pharmaceuticals, for example, must remain between 30 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit to stay safe for patient consumption.

Many refrigerated trucks not only keep things cold, but they offer humidity control. This means if you have precious materials or fine art that needs to remain dry and cool for preservation, refrigerated trucks are the best solution.

Many other products like perfumes, lotions, makeup, chemicals, cleaning agents, engineering or lab materials, and much more are best preserved via humidity-controlled delivery services. 

If there’s any question about the products you’re transporting perishing or being harmed by too much humidity, it’s better not to risk it. Simply go with the best option: refrigerated delivery.

After all, no one wants to bid on a piece of fine art damaged by humidity.

3. More Schedule Flexibility

Looking to take a load off your mind? Having a refrigerated truck allows your business to rest at ease. No more need to rush around frantically, trying to make deliveries before items perish.

Refrigerated trucks enable you to more easily control your schedule and even add more deliveries into each day.

Ramp up your business as well, with last-minute ordering capabilities by adding in a few extra products to your truck. Why not, when you can keep them all fresh and at the perfect humidity level throughout the day?

If you offer a catering service, refrigerated trucks also increase the geographical range you can provide services to. With fresh food able to travel longer distances, you can cater that party across town, or even across the state. 

4. Customize Your Truck’s Capabilities

While the reasons for using refrigerated trucks for your deliveries are many, it’s important to lay out what your exact needs are before deciding on a specific truck.

Several items to consider in choosing the truck to fit your needs may include:

  • How are your products contained or packaged?
  • When accessing your products from within the truck, which ones do you need the quickest access to?
  • How large are your products/how much space do they take up?
  • How many different locations are you delivering to on each run?
  • What kind of back door will be most convenient for you during deliveries?
  • Will you need shelving or other organizational components?
  • Will you need to keep various products at different temperatures (frozen/refrigerated)?

Knowing the answers to these questions can help you find the perfect vehicles for your business needs. A quality delivery truck can also help broaden your business horizons. It opens up options for wholesale delivery or more narrow delivery requirements.

Of course, there may be many other considerations when choosing your perfect truck. Fortunately, refrigerated trucks are adaptable and customizable.

Do you have other questions regarding truck capabilities and customization options? Check out our page of commonly asked questions for refrigerated vehicles and see what other options are available to you.

5. Save Your Business Budget

Refrigerated trucks come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can choose different vehicle sizes and chassis types, compartment temperatures, and interior configuration. This means you can choose a perfect size to fit your needs and budget.

Your refrigerated truck will help you complete more deliveries in less time as products stay fresh within. And it will eliminate the need to return and refill your truck more often to prevent spoilage.

Refrigerated trucks also do your budget a service by protecting one of your most important assets—your product. The more well-preserved your products remain, the less money you will spend replacing spoiled items.

This also means you’re less likely to have unhappy customers and clients resulting in loss of revenue. 

In the long run, having a quality refrigerated delivery truck will save you money because it enhances the quality and reputation of your business. 

Choosing the Right Trucks for Your Business

When it comes to your business, refrigerated trucks can save you money in the long run. They can boost your sales, up your options, and do so much more to improve your business and return on investment.

This is why it’s vital to work with refrigeration experts to make sure you’re getting the best trucks for your money. For help with choosing the right truck for your products and business, contact us to learn how the perfect refrigerated truck can help your business grow.