5 Ways Food Trucks Help With Social Distancing

Close up photo of a food truck vendor with gloves on handing a customer two hot dogs.

Photo: Freepik

Last year, the food truck industry was worth a billion dollars. While current circumstances have halted many restaurants, food trucks are still—well—truckin’. 

Today, there are 25,476 food trucks wheelin’ around unique eats and experiences to communities worldwide. While business has slowed for many, it hasn’t stopped for food trucks.

The value of food trucks may spike this year due to current conditions. Food trucks are apt for social distancing and can abide by safety guidelines.

For consumers missing the dining experience, food trucks are the best bet.

Social Distancing Made Easy

Food trucks epitomize a dine-in-dine-out fusion. If you can’t dine-in and don’t want take-out, food trucks are the latest social distance solution.

Here’s how you can encourage potential customers to support local businesses and also honor social distancing guidelines.

1. They’re Outside

Food trucks were always an outside operation. But now, you can get even more creative with your setup.

Before, it was easy for food trucks to have crowds of people waiting around the truck with no dining area. Now, food trucks can set up designated seating and socially distanced lines.

Even on hot days, your food truck’s social distancing set-up can work to take care of your customers. Providing umbrellas or serving by shaded parks will encourage more people that your food truck is worth the wait.

2. Social Media Presence

A lot of food trucks rely on social media for a following. If this is already a marketing channel you use, it will be that much easier to let customers know what social distancing guidelines your truck and your local government have put in place.

That way, customers know what to expect when they show up. Communicating through social media also limits in-person reminders and allows for more enjoyment.

3. Mobile Apps

Some food trucks take advantage of this tech-focused, social-distancing era with mobile apps. Staying in touch on apps allows you to offer coupons and discounts on your food truck’s fan favorites. 

Being on mobile apps is another way you can keep customers in the know about your truck’s social distancing methods. 

4. Encouraging the Support of Local Businesses

Operating a food truck means getting to know your neighbors and community in a more intimate way.

In a time where people are conscious of where they spend their dollars, why not remind customers that food trucks in your area are local small businesses?

5. Promoting Safe Gatherings

Food trucks are used to being able to set up shop in a variety of locations. But things are different now.

Some have limited their travels and stay in one spot for their loyal customers. Others visit nearby neighborhoods during socially distanced block parties.

Either way, food trucks are tokens of connection. Remind your customers that having a socially distanced meal from their local food truck would be a great way to reconnect with friends they’ve missed while being able to gather safely.

Social Distancing Food Trucks for the Win

Amidst the current social distancing protocol, food trucks remind us of the constants: good food and good people.

Food trucks are providing a new eating environment. Though parking lots may not have fancied you before, more and more places are giving food trucks flexibility as restaurants remain closed in some locales.

Food trucks are flexible, adaptable, and creative. Customers are catching on, which makes social distancing easier. Through it all, it’s obvious the human spirit’s still shining bright.

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