Food Truck 101: How to Get Your Food Truck Ready for Summer

close up of a white person's hand holding a cone of fish and chips with a blurry beach in the background

It’s been a tough winter and spring, but summer is here and people are hungrier than ever for food truck treats. But is your truck ready to handle the summer rush?  

We have got the food truck 101 on how to get your food truck ready to handle this summer season. 

Let’s take a look at what you need to ready your rig in no time! 

Make Your Food Truck Shine Like New

Many food truckers are seasonal. Things like weather and other normal wear and tear during the offseason can really bring the look of your food truck down. 

The fact is, you have roughly seven seconds to make an impression on a customer and if they have the choice between a sparkling clean and shined up food truck or a dingy rundown rig they are probably choosing the former.

Make sure your food truck looks sparkling clean and you’ll be sure to attract more customers.

Get the Maintenance Out of the Way

Procrastination is not your friend. Do not wait until you are in the thick of the food truck season to fix the leak in the radiator or upgrade your tires.

The following is a maintenance checklist for your food truck:

  • Oil change
  • Check tires
  • Inspect ventilation and exhaust fans 
  • Fill up all fluids 
  • Flush holding tanks

Getting these routine maintenances checked off early in the season will give you more time to focus on promoting the business and creating delicious food. 

Keep It Cool

Be sure your a/c system is running at top notch. You don’t want it blinking out on you during some of the hottest and busiest days of the year. Keeping your employees in a comfortable work environment will improve efficiency and morale. 

Make sure you also have chilled options on your food truck menu for customers looking to cool off. You might have iced drinks, or frozen desserts on offer.  

Amp Up Your Social Media Presence 

There are over two billion monthly users on the Facebook platform alone. Factoring in other social media sites like Instagram and Snapchat, you can reach more customers in multiple ways. 

Get a jump start on a social media campaign this summer to draw new customers in and keep existing customers intrigued and hungry for more. 

Consider posting things like the following:

  • Promotion swag 
  • The location you will be posted and what time
  • Daily or weekly specials
  • Special events that you will be apart of like food truck festivals
  • New menu items or menu changes

Make sure to take pictures of your food and post them as well! Feedback from your followers will help you promote your food truck and get a feel for what is popular.

Encourage your guests to take photos as well. Consider offering a small discount or reward system for guests who tag your food truck or post photos of their meals. 

The Skinny on Food Truck Summer

Keep cool this summer with these tips on how to keep your truck rolling and the customers coming!

Don’t get bogged down in the stress of preparation; instead, get the hard stuff out of the way early so you can be creative and hustle this summer.

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