How Multi-Temperature Vehicle Conversions Can Help Your Business

several white delivery vehicles parked together

Did you know that customers are willing to pay more for their food when it’s delivered? While it’s very convenient, they also expect it to be fresh and ready to eat.

To keep it warm or cold after leaving the restaurant, or when delivering temperature-sensitive food, you need to have a vehicle that is capable of it. This is why so many food-related businesses have turned to multi-temperature vehicle conversions.

Are you looking for a solution to keep your food at its desired temperature while in transport? Let’s look at why it’s an important part of food transport.

The Benefits of Multi-Temperature Vehicle Conversions

Traditionally, most temperature-controlled vehicles were either hot or cold with no in-between. Multi-temperature vehicles give you the flexibility to deliver hot and cold items together. This is crucial depending on what type of food you’re transporting.

One benefit of this is that you don’t need two different vehicles on the road. Instead, you can load chilled items in your refrigerated compartment and hot foods into your heated compartment.

Need to transport frozen foods as well? No problem. Your vehicle can be customized in any combination: frozen, refrigerated, heated, or even ambient compartments for shelf-stable food transport.

What Type of Vehicle Do I Need?

We can transform almost any type of vehicle chassis into a customized temperature-controlled vehicle. Transporting large quantities of temperature-sensitive product long distances? Ask about a box truck conversion. Need something smaller to maneuver busy city streets? Try a compact cargo van. 

Businesses that are looking to be more environmentally friendly might benefit from electric vehicle conversions. This allows you to help the environment while increasing your customer satisfaction.

Having your own temperature-controlled vehicle will help your business thrive. From catering and food delivery, to floral shops and pharmaceutical companies—big or small, we can help your deliveries arrive fresh every time.

What Businesses Can Benefit From Food Vehicle Conversions?

Many food-related businesses need a temperature-controlled environment for their chow when in transport. Businesses like caterers, pizzerias, and grocery delivery will all find value in conversions.

Having a specialty vehicle will help you make more deliveries in one trip, rather than having to go back to pick up the next couple of orders. Best of all, it will ensure that the food is fresh. No customer wants a cold burger, or a lukewarm salad. And with a multi-temp vehicle, you can keep both fresh to the customer’s very doorstep.

Multi-Temperature Vehicle Conversions Are a Must

The value of vehicle conversions makes them an asset to any food-related business. With their flexibility and convenience, there’s no better choice to ensure fresh and delicious food.

Your customers will be satisfied with their delivery and you’ll show them how much you care about their satisfaction.

Multi-temperature vehicle conversions are our specialty. Let us help you create the perfect vehicle for your product transport needs. Contact us today for help building your vehicle.