How to Keep Flowers Fresh Until Delivery: 4 Tips For Florists

Do you run one of the more than 13,000 retail florist shops in the country? If so, you already wage the constant battle of keeping your flowers as fresh as possible for delivery. 

You probably have a few tricks up your sleeve, but if you’re looking for more advice on how to keep flowers fresh, keep reading. Pay special attention to number 3. This is a key way that you can make sure that your deliveries arrive fresh and spectacular every time!

1. Feed the Flowers

As you well know, flowers are a living thing and living things need to eat. Give your flowers the proper nutrition and bright blooms will arrive ready to wow your customers.  

Packets of flower food will provide your flowers with the proper nutrition. If you don’t have any on hand, you can add sugar to the water. The flowers will soak up the sugar along with the water and gain energy from this sweet treat.

However, sugar also provides food for microbes that will make the water slimy and cloudy in just a couple of days. That’s not the presentation that you want for your customers!

To prevent this buildup, add something acidic to the water. Apple cider vinegar does the trick nicely. A few drops of bleach or Vodka will also work in a pinch. 

Some people have even had success with citrus sodas like 7-Up or Sprite. A splash of one of these drinks adds both sugar and acid to the water at the same time. 

2. Package Them Properly

It goes without saying that if you toss flowers in the truck any which way, it’s unlikely that they’ll make it to your customers looking fresh and fancy. 

For flowers that haven’t been arranged yet, buckets are a great transportation tool. Choose buckets that are an appropriate size for the stems you want to transport. They should be tall enough to provide sufficient support without being too tall and crushing the blooms. 

Transporting arrangements is a little trickier. Large boxes or crates work well. You can place the arrangement down in the box and add packing material as needed to ensure the vase is snug and won’t tip over.

Make sure that any container you use is super clean, as any residue will make the water get dirty faster. Then you can add a few inches of fresh, clean water and mix in the flower food of your choice.  

3. Refrigerated Transport

As you know, heat is a sworn enemy of cut flowers. The fastest way to age your flowers and get them to wilt is to let them get too warm.

To keep your flowers perfectly crisp and fresh for delivery, transporting them by refrigerated vehicle is the only way to go. Transporting them in your air-conditioned car or even in a delivery van won’t keep the blooms as fresh and vibrant.

You might think that your air-conditioned vehicle will do just fine. However, there is no good way to maintain a constant temperature.

Sunlight streaming in through the windows will heat some parts of your car more than others. Plus, air-conditioning vents blow streams of cold air that take a bit of time to mix with the rest of the air.

These two factors create pockets of hot and cold air all over the vehicle. This is a recipe for disaster when it comes to cut flowers.

On the other hand, a refrigerated truck provides everything flowers need for safe transport. To insulate the interior of our trucks, we inject polyurethane foam insulation between the vehicle’s wall and a fiberglass substrate. A food-safe polyurea spray coating goes over the top as the finishing touch.

Choose from various storage, racking, lighting and vending options to customize the vehicle to your flower transportation needs. Custom controls allow you to set the temperature at the exact coolness that you like to keep your flowers for delivery.

4. Let Them Be Vampires

You always want a few flowers blooming in your shop to delight your customers when they enter. But for the most part, you want them to stay buds until you’re ready to sell them. That way, when your customer receives them, they will get to enjoy the life of the bloom as long as possible. 

Exposure to light is what causes flowers to mature and open. Thus, you want to keep your flowers in a dark place. It doesn’t have to be as dark as a vampire’s coffin, but definitely keep them out of direct sunlight. 

The refrigerated truck comes in handy for this as well. When you’re out making various deliveries you don’t have to worry about the flower being exposed to too much light during transport.

Brighten the World by Learning How To Keep Flowers Fresh

One of the key aspects of a florist’s job is providing bright splashes of color to the world. Sometimes you are bringing flowers for a joyous event like a wedding or a baby shower. Other times it is more somber like visiting the hospital with bright bouquets and get well wishes or, sadly, decorating for a funeral.

Regardless, flowers are always a wonderful way to show you care.

Learning how to keep flowers fresh is an integral part of your job. You don’t want your delivery to arrive with wilted and dull flowers.

We can help you keep your flowers vibrant and fresh in any climate. Whether you run a small florist shop or a huge wholesale business, a refrigerated truck (or trucks!) is a must. Contact us today to learn about options for the perfect refrigerated flower delivery truck customized to fit your specific needs.