The Top Benefits of Refrigerated Last Mile Delivery for Businesses and Fleet Managers

Photo of a refrigerated box truck parked in the city with buildings, blue sky and palm trees in background

80% of people want to receive their orders on the same day they order them.

Statistics like this highlight the pressures on delivery services these days. Simply put, people don’t want to wait!

But it’s no good having a speedy delivery if the items that arrive have spoiled, rotted, or wilted in the stifling heat of the van.

That’s where refrigerated delivery comes into play. From reduced waste to greater customer satisfaction, refrigerating the final mile can have a significant positive impact on the delivery process.

That’s not the only benefit of a refrigerated last mile delivery service though. There are a bunch of others too!

Keep reading to discover the top 4 benefits of refrigerating the final mile.

Defining the Final Mile

First, let’s consider what we mean by the final (or last) mile.

The last mile is the critical final step of any order process. It’s an industry term that describes the final stage, where the product moves from distribution center to customer.

Quick and easy delivery equals a satisfied customer. A slow and painful process leads to dissatisfaction and a damaged business reputation.

Top 4 Benefits of Refrigerated Last Mile Delivery

Now, let’s turn to the benefits of a refrigerated final mile. This is where the delivery vehicle contains a refrigerated area to keep certain contents cool in transit.

Here are 4 reasons it makes a positive difference for everyone involved.

1. Items Stay Fresh

First and foremost, refrigerating the last mile means temperature-sensitive cargo can remain cool enough.

Food, drink, and most organic items require refrigeration to stay fresh. Too long in a hot van and things can go awry.

It’s a way to ensure that customers receive an item of the quality they expect.

2. Additional Safety and Reduced Waste

Imagine delivering a food item that’s gone bad in transit.

Suddenly you have a problem. An unsuspecting customer may ingest the food and gets sick. This makes you liable for damages.

Likewise, fresh foods that go bad or wilt in transit must be thrown away. Having effective refrigeration means reduced waste, which reduces re-orders and is better for the environment.

3. You Can Control the Temperature

Additionally, the refrigerated areas in these vans can be adjusted to your needs.

Because of this, you have total control of the process. A product that requires a set temperature for transportation is no longer a problem. You can guarantee a set level of cool.

4. Transport a Wider Array of Items

Finally, refrigerating the last mile also means you can transport a wider variety of products.

Organic produce may have been off limits in the past. Now, your delivery company suddenly has access to a much larger market. That’s good for business.

Time to Get Refrigerating

There you have it: 4 reasons refrigerating last mile delivery is beneficial.

The final mile is of utmost importance in the delivery process. There’s a fine line between a happy customer with a positive review, and a dissatisfied customer leading to a damaged reputation.

Refrigerating the final mile helps in this regard. There are multiple benefits to embrace—the guarantee of items staying fresh in transit, quality assurance for organic products and reduction of waste. You have full control of the temperatures in the van. Because of this, you gain access to a whole new market in the process.

What’s not to like?!

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