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When you run a food truck business, there are several variables you’ll need to consider if you want to succeed. Food trucks can succeed in all kinds of settings—urban centers, small towns, beach destinations, ski resorts and many more.  Before choosing where you want to run your truck, be sure and consider the pros and cons of each….

Photo: foodiesfeed / Freepik Lack of access to fresh foods, in areas called food deserts, is not a new problem, but it’s also not getting much better. In 2010, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) identified more than 18 million people living in food deserts. Of those, only 1.4 million got access to a new supermarket…

Anyone familiar with logistics who reads a popular media think-piece on world hunger and malnutrition is likely to be frustrated. The idea that food is readily available elsewhere, but distribution to certain areas is disorganized or non-existent, seems very unfair. As people move into urban landscapes, issues with nutritional balance magnify, even in developed areas….